Influencers, Taste Tests and Star Wars….Oh my! Welcome to the Cult Of Odd’s first foray into being a slave to the algorithm.

We’re riding those waves of likeability, Shareability and even memeability. Yes I realize those last 2 aren’t even real words. But who cares, when you getting a  fat cache dump from the algorithm sugar daddy!

Odd’s begun the most specialist of season early, that’s right he’s expressing his “Airing Of Grievances”…Did we just make a Seinfeld joke? What year is it?

Aside from a Fesitvus for the rest of us…Odd’s putting his thoughts down and sharing them with the social media plugs. (Hey pal, you looking for some ear candy? I got what you needs and the first taste is free.)

You can read his random Odd Thoughts  at our main website, but because were so awesome, we’ll provide you with links.

Now the folks getting the YouTube version of the “FunSize” will see Odd tasting Coke Starlight, Mountain Dew Flamin’ Hot and Coke Caramel Coffee… We though you, our beloved listeners should get to see it too. So follow those links to Odd’s (@myradioisodd) TikTok videos.

Here are the links for the articles too! Ain’t we swell?

Social Media Influencers Are Dead
Why I Hate Star Wars

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Devo Spice
The Belle Isle Rats
Michael William Hunter

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By Odd Man