TapDetroit’s Shows

TapDetroit has a unique and diverse lineup of shows as well as music. Below is a list of our shows and programs, but be sure to check back often because we’ll be adding new shows throughout 2021 and 2022.





  • Nowhere To Go But Up – Tuesdays at 8PM EST: “This podcast was inspired by my own journey as a single dad, a blue collar union guy, a former drug addict and as a former Federal and State prisoner. The evolution through life, and wanting to share my story as well as stories from regular every day people.”
  • Main Street BluesSaturdays at 7PM EST : “Main Street Blue is hosted by Kevin Hardy and is 3 hour trip into all things blues related. Join him each week for commentary and great blues music.”
  • Plankman TVThursdays at 8PM EST : “Thursday nights from 8pm to 10pm on,National & Independent artist with Interviews and more. Hear us through the Tunein app or via Youtube LIVE during show time.
  • Psonic PsundaySundays at 10AM EST : “Here on Psonic Psunday, we like both kinds of music, country and western. But seriously, the more genres we shred in one pshow – the better. Sure, we feature unknown artists, some stuff you’ll know and some stuff you don’t. As long as it’s not crap, we’re generally happy to play it and it’s all loosely strung together with banter and random shite. So, if you like the charts, auto-tune and what’s hot, then feel free to bugger off and listen to it. Just keep the noise down. We’re trying to do a pshow here.”
  • Rock The TalkWednesdays at 7PM EST : “Rock The Talk is a Podcast hosted by David Reed Watson and Kat Kritta. Both David and Kat cover a wide variety of topics from; Heavy Metal to the spiritual and medicinal aspects of Plant Medicine.”
  • Sonic Gypsy Radio ShowSundays at Noon EST :”The Sonic Gypsy Radio Show is a happy ramshackle Sunday sermon every week of the Very Greatest Classic and Undiscovered Rock n Roll in all its fantastic forms very English old school kinda in the style of John Peel and Johnny Walker, rough n ready, coming to you straight from the engine room of a rusty 63ft long canal boat “The Heart Of Gold” on the London waterways in England, the “dangerously friendly” Mickey Banks brings you adventures from a 20th and 21st century life of crime, rock n roll, off grid boat-life stories and random misadventures on the road with The Sonic Gypsy Band. specializing in badly thought out philosophy, dangerous life advice and sometimes occasional incitement to revolution… You’ll hear music from Led Zeppelin to Aretha Franklin to The Beastie Boys & brilliant new unheard rock bands who send me their stuff from all over the world…all the truly good stuff.
  • The Odd PoddFridays at 8PM EST : “The Odd Podd is hosted by our very own resident madman, Odd Man! He’s got a unique sense of humor and delights in spreading all over your ears. Live every Friday night at 8pm EST!”
  • Brain Fog Sessions– Saturdays at 5PM EST: A variety talk show featuring a smattering of music, personal stories, and just enough humor to keep it interesting. Hosted by Fox and Brad.