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Cult Of Odd

Episode 82: It Slices, It Dices…

It's a gruesome twosome on this week's Cult Of Odd #podcast Odd Man and Jad cut it up on this week's batch of bonkers news stories. You'll hear them talk about pro #wrestling, whether or not #fastfood is cheaper than buying groceries and what teens are doing with flavored condoms. Plus Odd talks about his interview with indie director Bron Theron and his new movie Half Dead Fred. Music in […]

todayAugust 6, 2022 9

Cult Of Odd

Episode 80: Bet Ya Can’t Eat Just One!

In this episode of the Cult Of Odd...the return of ACE! Cory and Jad The Taff have the night off. We'll be talking about Aliens, Bigfoot, Gas prices, Country Bear Jamboree and more! You'll hear music from Reina del Cid Ian McConnell REDD The Chinchillionaires, Check out our sponsors Big League Brews Motor City Candleworks Fusion Marketing LLC Cult Of Odd Patreon […]

todayJuly 24, 2022 2

Cult Of Odd

Episode 78: But Wait…There’s More!

Odd and Cory ramble on for an hour about different things. This show was a fun one. If you can keep up with their meandering of topics. Cory spend 75% of the show with his nose in his phone. so conversation is more akin to a squirrel on cocaine with how things come up. We have a brand new artist's music, A young man named Ian McConnell we found on […]

todayJuly 10, 2022

Cult Of Odd

Episode 76: Haunt-Reperneurs

Odd sits down with #filmmaker and aspiring #haunt owner Nate Thompson. they'll be talking about his upcoming movie and a project he is spearheading out in Irish Hills Michigan. Odd will also be joined by long time friend Paul Jameson, who himself has some first hand experience within the haunt community. We love Halloween, #horror and generally all things spooky. So if you're like us, you're not gonna want to […]

todayJune 19, 2022

Cult Of Odd

Episode 57: An MCL Xmas Eve

This is 1 of 2 last episodes of The Odd Podd, catch #interviewroulette with MCL! We've got terrifying Christmas traditions from around the world and Interesting facts about Christmas you might not know.  

todayDecember 26, 2021 10

Cult Of Odd

Episode 56: Artie Hoffman Enters The Odd Podd

On this episode of The Odd Podd Artie Hoffman Enters The Odd Podd, you'll get a round of #interviewroulette and hear Odd Man talking about the interview/reading. Ollie will be joining him for this episode. Ace is off this week and we're never entirely sure when Cory is gonna show up. We got music for you from... Full Monty, Oceanhoarse, Bullet To The Heart, Be sure you check out our […]

todayDecember 19, 2021 2