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5XL Radio 11/10/17

Greetings from Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station.    Bong Hit for Bama State,  Detroit, 2017 Election Rap Up and 2018 Start Up news. With Music Q and A hosted by the almighty Edward T-Money Green with his sounds in the background.    We will discuss freeing Matthew Stafford on the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday and, should more marijuana supporters join the NAACP  Call in at 313 429-0801

Thank you for the bud Hornets…  and JSU is sippin on Gin and Juice!  lol….








Detroit Riot 11/07/17

1. Beastie Boys – Make Some Noise
2. Big Youth – Cool Breeze
3. Black Merda – Prophet
4. Donny Hathaway – The Ghetto
5. EPRC – Bomber Jacket

6. Fred Wesley – Funk For Your Ass
7. Georgie Fame – Somebody Stole My Thunder
8. Lafayette Afro Rock Band – Hihache
9. Larry Williams – You Bug Me, Baby
10. Lifesavas – Hello-hi-hey

11. Sleaford Mods – Face To Face
12. Smoove – I’m A Man
13. Stephen Marley – Revelation party

14. The Dramatics – Hey You! Get Off My Mountain
15. ThLast Shadow Puppets – My Mistakes Were Made For You
16. The Rolling Stones – Get Off My Cloud
17. The Streets – Dry Your Eyes
18. Mose Allison – Baby, Please Don’t Go
19. The Shirelles – Look What You’ve Done To My Heart
20. St. Louis Union – East Side Story
21. The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows
22. The Jam – Circus
23. Nina Simone – Love Me Or Leave Me

Should Weed Supporters Join the NAACP? Snoop Dogg Halftime Show Nov 4th

Bong Hit for Bama State!

Special Day today because me and my co-host Edward T-Money Green have a bet of a significant amount of cannabis (one joint) between the winner of the Alabama State v Jackson State University football game.



The Jackson State University band will be playing a bass line written by my man T-Money for Snoop Dogg’s Gin and Juice Song. All music on the show is from the catalog of T-Money Green and the Roadwork Crew.


It wont matter because the Marching Hornets under the direction of Dr. James Oliver are coming to Jackson MS to bring it with a show of our own.   Bong Hit for the ASU/MMH


Vote YES on November 7th for Marijuana Reform in Detroit. Pastor Marvin Winans will be issued a blight ticket if he continues to pursue the idea of shutting down the Marijuana Industry in Detroit. This is a plot from Chris Christie to say that Marijuana is the devil weed and people need to go to jail.



Whereas a 420 caucus within the NAACP can help the nations biggest boldest and baddest organization live up to their name. What Do you think?  For the price of a gram of OG Kush, a person could become a member of the NAACP in Detroit or elsewhere and fully address the issue on why people that are of different ethnic backgrounds are going to jail, while the Opiate abusers get love and “treatment”.

420 Caucus of the NAACP?

Is Gov. Chris Christie full of sh*t or what?

Call in at 313 429 0801  @ 5-7pm



DJ Dos Lopez – Halloween Mix Party featuring The Science Fair

■ What type of music? Rock with a groove, kinda like dance rock. We want to make people move. 
■ When did you first start? We’ve all been doing this for a while, but the four of us have only been doing The Science Fair together for about a year.
■ Why did you decide to start it? We just love to make music, it’s like an addiction, and the four of us together have a great connection.
■ Are you a solo Artist or part of group? There are four of us, Jim on vocals, Chris H. on guitar and backing vocals, Chris Y. on Bass and J on drums.
■ What name do you go by? We are called The Science Fair.
■ How did you come up with the name? Why does everything in my life turn into a science fair? It’s a question we were always asking ourselves, like why is everything so much harder than it needs to be? It’s an expression we used but it also applies to the way we approach music. It’s all just an experiment until you find that one thing that you’ve been looking for.
■ Who do you like to collaborate with? We collaborate with each other obviously, but we’re always looking to play with other creative individuals who bring a different sensibility to the mix.
■ Where do you play? We play all over, give us a stage and a place to plug in and we’ll make it happen. But some of our favorite venues are The Loving Touch, Magic Stick, and the New Dodge.
■ When are your upcoming shows? We’re opening for 80s new wave icons Modern English on Sunday, November 6.

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