Harley Wallen – Interview Roulette


This time, Odd’s interview guest is, multi award-winning filmmaker and actor Harley Wallen. He has starred in over 40 feature films and TV shows with legendary stars such as Tom Sizemore, Tara Reed and John Savage among many others. In 2016, Harley Wallen and his wife Kaiti formed the film production company ‘Painted Creek Productions’.

The one thing he really takes pride in is his commitment to the character he is playing, regardless the size of the role or the paycheck. Harley is now writing, producing, acting and directing and has found his life’s purpose. We enjoyed speaking with Harley Wallen, we hope you enjoy this interview.

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Tale of Tails Trailerhttps://youtu.be/IoSXhF2P5zA
Tale of Tails Tubihttps://tubitv.com/series/300007160/tale-of-tails
Ash and Bone Trailerhttps://youtu.be/l3ZZu7V79zo
If I Can’t Have You Trailerhttps://youtu.be/YdO6pdmVAjw
Harley Wallen IMDBhttps://www.imdb.com/name/nm6136445/



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