On September 4th, at 8PM EST a phenomenon hits Tap Detroit and the world may never be the same again.

Hi, my name is Odd and I am a little bit of legend in certain circles. I have been a staple in Michigan online broadcasting since 2007. My shows are a circus act and an exercise in controlled chaos.

Music is my passion and I play a mix of what I like, what’s been requested and independent artists…Which by the way, I am always looking for more of. I believe in the independent spirit that courses through the diesel rich veins of Detroit, but I also extend that spirit to all parts of the country and the world.

I have traveled quite a bit across the US and lived in several different areas and the one thing that rang true, time and time again is that Detroit just hustles harder. My style of conducting myself and business can’t be matched thanks to an upbringing in the dirty mitten.

You’ll have to catch me live though, as the recordings won’t be hosted on TapDetroit, but we will be posting snippets to our YouTube channel until we establish our Patreon for full episodes and secret goodies.

I’ll also be utilizing discord for interacting with fans. For now, head over to either Odd Man or The Odd Podd facebook pages to follow and be kept up to date.

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By Odd Man