Howie D from Hard Edge Radio recently got the chance to catch up with bassist Joey Walser from hard rockers Devour The Day. They talked about the bond and chemistry between himself and Blake Allison, the downfall of Egypt Central, the success of their debut CD, Time and Pressure, and more.


Devour The Day has been going nonstop since the release of their debut album and they’ve been gaining fans as the weeks and months go by. They have spent the spring and early summer playing all the big rock festivals around the country and show no signs of stopping any time soon. Both Joey and Blake have a pact of sorts and they will continue to make music and tour because it’s something that they really enjoy and have an extreme passion for. If you get the chance to see the band live, take it. The live show and set they dish out is definitely worth it. Please click below to hear the interview with Joey Walser from Devour The Day.


The interview with Joey from Devour The Day:



Time and Pressure, The debut CD from Devour The Day.













Devour The Day online:



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By Howie