I have a very strong feeling that 2014 is going to be the year of crunchy rock-style, alternative metal and I have zero problems with that. Last week I introduced you guys to The Vintage Caravan, and this week I bring you something from Nothing. I mean, something can’t come from nothing unless it’s a band….called Nothing. I studied Philosophy in college…I could talk about “something from nothing” for a month, but I’ll spare you all…for now.

Straight out of Philadelphia, Nothing’s debut full-length album Guilty of Everything should surely take the metal scene by storm. The band has released 2 songs from the upcoming album via their bandcamp site both of which have completely blown me away. To me, vocals can make or break a band; what’s the point of listening to a band where the main layer of the tracks is shitty vocals? I just can’t look past it. So my ears were very pleased when I first hit play on the SoundCloud widget and didn’t cringe in horror when lead singer Dominic Palermo chimed in with his smooth and ambient vocals. I’ve been listening to the two songs on repeat for the past hour, that’s how good these cats are.

Check out the track “Bent Nail” below, and make sure to pre-order the album by clicking this link which is set to be released March 4th via Relapse Records.

What do you guys think? Is Nothing worth something?? Holla atcha girl in the comments!


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