Ace and Mr. Doctor Cookie are back again for the first time. Odd got to talk to Actor and Screenwriter Marc Sheffler, this episode has him playing a round of #InterviewRoulette with Odd.

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In typical fashion, This episode is a little lopsided. Odd had intended to cover a specific range of topics, but with Ace and Mr. Doctor Cookie on board…things slide off the rails pretty quickly.

They do cover some of the original topics chosen. They talk about the #Spotify, #NeilYoung and #JoeRogan. Along with personal responsibility and taking accountability for not doing your due diligence. And of course that spirals into the intricate web that is our society.

We also talk about medical grade lube! It’s a hell of a ride. Let me tell you.

Our theme song is a collaboration between The Chinchillionaires and Oddio Productions.

Full Original Track “We Are Legion”

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