What type of music ? World music

When did you first start? I’ve been trained in music since I was a child. And I have been playing the handpan for about a year intensively.

Why did you decide to start it? The handpan is the most beautiful instrument I’ve ever seen or heard and the moment I discovered it I knew I had to play.

Are you a solo artist or part of a group? I am both I have a band with jesse fox sarah hall andzakandwhatarmy zakery winchester

What name do you go by? As a solo artist benny bettane and my detroit group is also called the feburrries

How did you come up.with the name? Well benny bettane is my real name and I quite like it and the fe2burrries because we all met up in brooklyn michigan in February in the cold winter and had a miraculous jam that turned into what we do now 🙂

Who do you like to collaborate with? I like to collaborate any which way I can. I have some music being released with some epic electronic music producers and I also play with a lot of world music musicians and any creations that I appreciate I enjoy collaborating on.

Where do you play? I’ve played at the detroit music hall, the tangent gallery various times, metamorphosis festival, blissfest, and various other events in michigan, I am a street performer and have travelled much of the usa europe and the uk in this way. And I also curate sound healing and sound immersions for yoga classes and meditations

When are your upcoming shows? I am playing at the tangent gallery detroit for my going away party and zakandwhatarmys birthday celebration for my final show in usa for a while, I’ll be performing solo and also with the feburrries. I’m also Heading to europe and the uk in the next few weeks and will be playing at various festivals and events throughout the journey. Also plenty of street performing coming up in major European cities!!



What type of music?

It’s a mixture of rap/jazz/pop and indie sounds! I’m really trying to go for a genreless sound.

When did you first start?

Started seriously about a year ago but I’ve played around with the idea for like years.

Why did you decide to start it?

I wasn’t interested in going down the path that I thought I wanted which really isn’t what I wanted to begin with. I had to decide what truly made sense to me and what was actually going to work out while making me extremely happy. I was way too attached to the sounds of music to want to do anything else.

How many people in you group?

We have a collective of  6 individual artists. We tend to stray away from the term group because we more or less like to create together as a crew instead of being grouped as one thing. Does that make sense? Haha.

Who do you like to collaborate with?

People who have the same passion as myself and pretty much anybody that I think is dope. I believe dope attracts dope.

What is the name of your band/group, etc?

We are Hear No Evil which stands for Hear No Evil. We make all around upbeat positive music.

Where do you play?

We’ve done shows for Tigerfest, open mics, Brooklyn Nights out in NYC. We’ve been around but we’re still making moves to get the name out there.

When are your upcoming shows?
We have a lot lined up this summer. We’ll keep you updated with dates!


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