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Episode 79: Now With Fresh Lemon Scent

Tonight LIVE at 8pm EST only on Join Odd, Cory and their guest Jad the Taff for another round of enlightenment and hilarity covering a wide swath of topics. We talk about the new Rob Zombie "The Munsters" movie, the interviews coming, the new Resident Evil series on Netflix, we introduce you to a new member of our happy little cult, we talk about news stories and a bunch […]

todayJuly 17, 2022 5

Cult Of Odd

Episode 78: But Wait…There’s More!

Odd and Cory ramble on for an hour about different things. This show was a fun one. If you can keep up with their meandering of topics. Cory spend 75% of the show with his nose in his phone. so conversation is more akin to a squirrel on cocaine with how things come up. We have a brand new artist's music, A young man named Ian McConnell we found on […]

todayJuly 10, 2022

Cult Of Odd

Episode 77: Unfiltered Odd 3

On Friday June 24th 2022, the Supreme Court of the United States of America passed down a ruling that is no less than an act of war against women. We cannot let this stand and should no longer be "playing ball" with our politicians. I for one am tired of not having representation within our so called governing bodies. On that Friday, we chose to go dark as to stand […]

todayJuly 2, 2022

Cult Of Odd

Episode 76: Haunt-Reperneurs

Odd sits down with #filmmaker and aspiring #haunt owner Nate Thompson. they'll be talking about his upcoming movie and a project he is spearheading out in Irish Hills Michigan. Odd will also be joined by long time friend Paul Jameson, who himself has some first hand experience within the haunt community. We love Halloween, #horror and generally all things spooky. So if you're like us, you're not gonna want to […]

todayJune 19, 2022

Cult Of Odd

Episode 75: Pride & Prejudice

June marks the celebration of two important moments in US history concerning rights and freedoms. #Pride and #Juneteenth, Odd Man had been talking with a good friend of his and long time friend of the show. They want to bring their private conversations to the public view.

todayJune 6, 2022 20