Tribute Detroit-R.I.P.


Happy 420 to you! It is with great pleasure to announce that this will be the last ‘illegal’  cannabis appreciation day being held in North America.  To mark this occasion, our show will be live streaming from our Facebook page in Windsor Canada and Detroit Michigan hosted by Richard “Free The Weed”  Clement.



To start it off, the 420/421 festival will commence in Windsor Canada

and Charles Clark square on Friday 4/20/18 and 4/21/18. This venue is accessible by the Detroit/Windsor Tunnel Bus DDOT #2222 or, by


driving your personal car.  You cannot have any cannabis on your possession when you go through customs. If you do you will be dogged out by the Canadian Border Security Agency, handcuffed and send back to USA as a matter of policy.  Otherwise, your car can smell as dank as can be and, you will be alright.



On the Detroit side, various venues in the City will be paying homage to the plant of hope and prosperity. One event is Detroit 420 a private event hosted by Buds Corks and Forks along with other supporters will be hosting a 420 party  $20 General Admission $50 Vip Access. Other events are scheduled in the Detroit area so please support the cause.


The plant that has been demonized, vilified and, disrespected is now being hailed as a key to creating jobs and saving our environment. In this mid-term election cycle, cannabis activists and teachers banded together at the Michigan Democratic Party Convention on April 15, to deliver Ms. Dana Nessel for our next Michigan Attorney General. She will reverse the adverse damage caused by years of authoritative brutality inflicted upon Flint, workers pensions and healthcare.  With Dana Nessel, teaching professionals deserve to have their Medical Marijuana co-pays included in their health care contracts because of the stress and expenses of the job.


Canadian Unions like Laborers International Union of North America (L.I.U.N.A. have already seen the green and cover their membership’s use of Medical Marijuana to help fight the prescription drug crisis, while bud tenders in Michigan are being put out of work by shutting down their place of work at  a marijuana business.

Website: Local 625 LIUNA Freeing the Weed For Workers in Need

Website: UAW/Company Doctors Reject Workers Claim for Medical Marijuana use

The Ambassador Bridge is privately owned and, is affected by the change in policy on Marijuana.  On the American side, the City of Detroit allows one ounce or less of marijuana on private property without a card, with the permission of the owner.  On the Canadian Side, recreational use will start in July of 2018.

Will there be Canadian B.C. Bud and Detroit Purple Kush sold at the Duty Free stores on the bridge?  What about the tunnel? If you show up and vote in primary and general elections for pro cannabis candidates, you never know what could happen.

By building bridges instead of walls, we can solve the opioid crisis, increase the education budget, decrease the prison budget and, improve the quality of life for everyone.

In bud we trust..

Free The Weed


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