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Wayne Richard Wells

Hard Edge Radio 11/06/14



Thursday November 6th on Hard Edge Radio we aired our interview with Wayne Static, believed to be the final interview he did before his passing. We also played a bunch of Static-X songs and had members of The Worst Of join us in the studio. Plus the usual upcoming events, entertainment news and more. Hard Edge Radio airs live every Thursday night from 8-10pm EST on

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When I sat down at my home studio around 5pm on Wednesday October 29th to prepare to talk to Wayne Static for a Hard Edge Radio interview, I was just excited to finally have the chance to talk to him, get some updates and see what he had coming up and going on in life. I obviously never imagined he would die so suddenly just 3 days later. On one hand, the heavier hand, it’s so sad that we’ve lost him and that it happened so suddenly. I believe he had so much more left to contribute to music. On the other hand, the much lighter hand, I’m so honored to be one of the last people, possibly THE LAST,  to ever get a chance to record an interview with him. It was a great feeling to catch him on such a good day and to hear him be so positive about life and his plans for the future.

What’s really strange is that I ALWAYS edit my interviews within a day or two of doing them but for some reason I decided to edit this one a few days later then normal. I usually have 10-15 minutes set aside on the show each week to fit in the national interviews we do and I planned on editing this one down to around 13-14 minutes from it’s original length of 21 minutes. I’m so glad I waited and can now give you the complete interview with just cleaned up audio and a little tightening up between questions. He was in such a good mood and was so excited about the upcoming tour, the new CD and the future. His family, friends and fans will truly take comfort in hearing what a great place he was in those last few days. I now share with you, my interview with Wayne Static.

– Howie


This interview was recorded on Wednesday October 29th, 2014 at 5:10pm EST



RIP Wayne Static – Thanks for the music, the memories and the inspiration.
























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