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Howie D. from Hard Edge Radio recently got the chance to talk to Tommy Victor from Prong. They talked about some great topics including the years Tommy worked at the legendary CBGB’s, the new CD, Prong finally getting to play Waken Open Air, reaching 30 years since the beginning of the band and more.

Prong has been touring quite a bit this year, ever since the release of their latest CD, Ruining Lives. This past summer they did about 5 weeks in Europe and are now touring the US playing in several parts of the country. The band is going to head back to Europe for some dates and then hit Australia before taking a small break around the holidays. Please click below to hear the interview with Tommy Victor from Prong.


The interview with Tommy from Prong:



Ruining Lives, the latest CD from Prong:













Prong online:






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