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The Progrim 3/5/14


-How to make your own hoverboard.

 -The guy from “Son of God” too hot to play Jesus?

 -The Japanese are into some weird stuff. Like some really weird stuff.

 -Duke student working her way through college as a porn star reveals identity.

 -Another young financial executive. Another suicide.

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Zaldor’s World 03/03/14

Detroit Riot – Johnny Cash Edition – 03/04/14

1.) “I Walk the Line” – Johnny Cash
2.) “One” – Johnny Cash
3.) “Don’t Take Your Guns to Town” – JC
4. ) “Hardin Wouldn’t Run” – Steve Earle
1.) “The Man Comes Around” – Johnny Cash
2.) “I Shall Not Be Moved” – Johnny Cash
3.) “The Singer” – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
4.) “Long Black Veil” – Johnny Cash

1.) “Cocaine Blues” – Johnny Cash
2. ) “Deportee” – The Highwaymen
3.) “Five Feet High & Rising” – Johnny Cash
4.) “Wreck of the Old 97” – Hank Williams III

1.) “Redemption Song” – JC & Joe Strummer
2.) “Ain’t No Grave” – JC
3.) Orange Blossom Special” – JC
4.) “I Walk the Line” – 60 Second Crush
5.) “Rock Island Line” – Johnny Cash

1.) “Big River” – Johnny Cash & the Tennessee Top Cats
2.) “Get Rhythm” – Reverend Horton Heat
3.) “Hurt” – Johnny Cash
4.) “Mercy Seat” – JC
5.) “Rusty Cage” – JC

1. “Thirteen” – JC
2.) “Man In Black” – JC
3.) “I’ve Been Everywhere” – JC
4.) “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” – Johnny Cash & Nick Cave

1.) “Solitary Man” – Johnny Cash
2.) “One Piece At A Time” – Michelle Shocked
3.) “Ring Of Fire” – This Kid Named Miles
4.) “Ring of Fire” Johnny Cash

The Progrim 3/4/14

Rich Luzenski of Cinema Serenade join Mike and Olin.

-On Fat Tuesday, New Orleans parties naked in the street, Detroit eats jelly donuts.

-Mike recalls the time he delivered pizza to a dead guy.

-Don’t trust your terrible teenage children with anything, they’ll either sue you or cost you $80,000.

-A real life Super python vs. Megacroc.

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The Progrim 3/3/14


-Local students promised group sex and food, disappointed with a seminar instead.

 -Some guy has a terrible OKCupid experience with girl of his dreams, gets lucky before it goes terrible wrong. Can he salvage it?

-Kyles shocking (gross) confession.

 -Ukranian model ignores invasion of her country to find a way to survive on nothing but sunlight and oxygen.

 -Huffpost writes steaming pile of garbage about Detroit.

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The Tiny & Plankman Show 3-2-14 Pick Axe Preacher

If you missed last nights Debut of Pick Axe Preacher you missed a lot. First, How many “RAMPAGES” were yelled?lol. Seriously if someone counted they might get something special from Pick Axe Preacher. Tiny had his DooD Doode of the week which was a tear jerker as always. We had Coast to Coast hockey with Amber. The thing I was trying to explain about Ambers segment last night that I was unable to cause of the nature of our show is this Amber puts a lot of work into her segment & for that we are truely greatfull. The one thing me & Tiny do try to do(other than interrupt her) with The Hockey segment is to make sports talk a little more fun. Yes theres scores to go over & now we even have actualities(clips) to play to make it more of a “REAL” sports report BUT the thing we are trying to do is Fun it up a little. What gets lost in that is the hard work,time & effort that Amber puts in to her Coast To Coast Hockey. Thats what I wanted to clear up last night but hey thats what we have this blog thing for right?lol. Now, onto Pick Axe Preachers. This was a first for myself & Tiny as neither one of us nor Amber had any previous knowledge of the song being debuted. Usually in “radio” someone(whether its a producer or program director) gets an “advanced” copy of the song. Most debuts we’ve done I’ve already listened to the song 20 times by the air date of our show.There was NO ADVANCE LISTENING to what you heard last night. We heard it as you did. FOR THE FIRST TIME! Now normally I of all people am HIGHLY against this BUT after what I heard last night I was glad I was not aloud advance listening cause what you got was our spontaneous reaction. Theres nothing more genuine then that. We were given the oppurtunity to hear a couple more tracks from the fellas but “Angels In The Ground” is the debut single everyone will get to hear now. So if you missed all the fun,laughter & Todd Bertuzzi jokes you can listen again through the tapdetroit archive tab on the main page or just hit the link given below. Thanks again to the fellas from Pick Axe Preacher for coming & debuting their music with us. Funny how local bands know where to debut their music at! Tapdetroit.

Thanks for reading,


P.S. 1 more RAMPAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1797406_610261782360775_490090669_n

REDD on Don’t Panic Radio, 3/2/14

Moving along in our jam-packed guest list, REDD is a local hip-hop artist whose music and personality show he’s got something to prove.  With a captivating knack for lyricism and an attitude so positive you can hear it through his music and words, this interview is one of the most in-depth we have done here on Don’t Panic. Give it a listen to find out what REDD is all about. Listen to the show below!

Tiny & Plankman Show 03/02/14


Jeff’s Album Review 03/02/14

Bands Aventity & Shock Wave stop in the studio and talk to Jeff about upcoming shows and what’s coming with these bands.

Tap Top Ten 03/02/14

Tap Top Ten for 03/02/14

1. Rezination – Poison Letter – (1)
2. Deadset Revolt – White Trash Beauty Queen (7)
3. Podracer – Hammers and a Handgun (2)
4. Shock Wave – Hey Kid (4)
5. Like A Storm – Love The Way You Hate Me (3)
6. Bulletproof Snow – What Comes Next (5)
7. Blind Season – Mirrors and Scales (9)
8. Full Tilt – Stand Up (D)
9. Chrome Mollie – Free Me (6)
10. New Day Revolution – No Goodbyes (D)

Do you want a band YOU really like, or are in on THIS list? Send your requests to or visit our facebook page and comment on our posts!

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