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The Progrim 5/12/14


-Finally an internet trend Mike can get behind.

-Michael Sam becomes first openly gay player to be drafted. Both sides of the argument overreact.

-Internet memes have reached a new low.

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Should Public Service Workers be allowed to use Cannabis to treat their PTSD?

weedleaf1A recent study on Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome conducted by the Detroit Police Department has created concern for the health, safety and, well being of their employees.   Michigan has recently allowed the use of Cannabis to treat PTSD symptoms as required by the State Constitution.

When officers are injured in the line of duty, they are given highly potent drugs to treat their conditions.  Should Cannabis be included in overall healthcare benefits?  Are these questions for the Detroit Police Board of Commissioners to resolve?

(Firefighters and other public service employees are also included in the discussion)

Call in Friday from 5-7pm and talk about it at 313 429-0801  5xl Large and In Charge”

On air with “The Hulk”  and “T-Money Green”..   Engineered by Olin Ezra..


Green Jobs in Detroit


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The Crew

The Crew

Don’t Panic Radio 05/11/14


Tiny & Plankman Show 05/11/14

Tap Top Ten 05/11/14

Tap Top Ten for 05/11/14

1. Rezination Detroit – Water From The Stone (D) Poison Letter LW (1)
2. Kevin B Klein Music – Born To Be Free (5)
3. Podracer- Hammers And A Handgun (D) Easy Singles LW (6)
4. Chrome Mollie – Loud And Clear (2)
5. Like A Storm – Love The Way You Hate Me (4)
6. Aterra Tale – Hide And Seek (8)
7. SHOCK WAVE – Hey Kid (8)
8. Bulletproof Snow – What Comes Next (10)
9. Black Market Rebellion – Dirty Halos (7)
10. Deadset Revolt – White Trash Beauty Queen (3)

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SnowBunnie SunDAZE!!!! 05/11/14


Happy Mother’s Day from 5XL Large and In Charge

Happy Mother’s Day from the Staff at 5xl Large and In Charge…

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The Crew

The Crew

Nachtlich Industrial Internet Radio 05/09/14

Friday 8-10pm (GMT-5:00)
playlist for 5/9/2014
Episode #131

Candle Nine – Nachtlich Intro
ATTRITION – One Horse Rider (Technomancer mix)
3T?ETH – Consent
TAXIM – Computer Depression
Kult of Red Pyramid – Epic
Iris – Dont Cry
N.U.T.E – I Spit On Your Existence
Violet Void – Reaper
Blush Response – Black Sun
Terror Network – Kafkaesque
Combichrist – Every Day is War
A.E.C. – still
Eisbrecher – Adrenalin (Neuschnitt)
Front Line Assembly – Echogenetic (Youth Code Remix)
Neuro-Sentence – Dominion (Subjugate)
EONITY – Church Of Blood (Dolls Of Pain Manipulation)
No Sleep By The Machine – Last One
Angelspit – Ambassador (Featuring Miss Ballistic)
Panic Lift – No Trace To Love
Leæther Strip – Sanctuary
THYX – Waiting For You
Prude – plague star (black light returning)
Frontal – Ich kanns nicht lassen
Näo – Evol
Descendents – Silly Girl
Displacer & Nimon – The Devils House

5XL Large & In Charge


The Progrim 5/9/14


-Comedian Christopher Titus fights through bad weather to call in.

-What’s so weird about doing laundry in your swimsuit?

-McDonalds virgins lie to themselves and to their nation.

-The Most popular man on Tinder, is a cupcake.

-A High School where kids draft their prom dates.

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