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Tap Top Ten 03/09/14


1. Rezination – Poison Letter (1)
2. Deadset Revolt – White Trash Beauty Queen (2)
3. Podracer – Easy Singles (D)
4. Like A Storm – Love The Way You Hate Me (5)
5. Full Tilt – Stand Up (8)
6. Shock Wave – Hey Kid (4)
7. Bulletproof Snow – What Comes Next (6)
8. Aterra Tale – Hide And Seek (D)
9. Sick Smile – ‘Ello Goodbye (D)
10. Blind Season – Mirrors and Scales (7)

JAR Radio 03/09/14

Mary Jane’s Pride stops into the show and talk about their music and influences.

Plankmans House of Blues 03/09/14

Meet New Tap Detroit Radio Host J-Storye Next Wed. on


On air with T-Money Green left, The Hulk right, with J-Stories in the Middle..

J-Stories is a member of L.E.A.P.  Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and is managed by Understood MGT.

J-Stories & Dirty Wyatt make a true def combination on the air..



See you on our next show starting at

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Nachtlich Industrial Internet Radio 03/07/14

Friday 8-10pm (GMT-5:00)
playlist for 3/7/2014
Episode #126

Candle Nine – Nachtlich Intro
NZ – Your Pure Heart
Interstitial – Ich Bin Ein Auslander
Blind Passenger – One Percent World
Johnathan|Christian – I Walk This Earth Alone (Leaether Strip Club Mix)
Skinny Puppy – I’mmortal
cryo – In Your Eyes
Hired.Life – A.S.A.P
Shturm – Clown (Short Instrumental Version)
BAAL – Schizoid
Combichrist – From My Cold Dead Hands
Faderhead – Stand Up (Club Mix)
KLANK – Downside
|De:Source| – High & Low (Syntension Edit)
Seelennacht – Gone With The Rain
Aesthetic Perfection – Lights Out (Ready to Go)
Blakopz – #Culturedelete
cryo – The Portal
Ginger Snap5 – Sail Away!
Seeming – Goodnight London (video edit)
Unity One – Today (Instrumental Version)
Blind Passenger – Digital Criminal (DJ Cut)
God Module – A Good Night to Die
Suicide Commando – Unterwelt (Nitronoise Remix)
Shadow System – Shadow Dancer (Instrumental Version)
Nachtmahr – Liebst du mich
Terrorkode – Fucktard
Mindless Self Indulgence – Fuck Machine (KMFDM Remix)
Seabound – Liberty Rose

5XL Large & In Charge 03/07/14

The Progrim 3/7/14


-Phone calls to Putin: International diplomacy, or hot steamy gossip?

-Jimmy Fallon’s iron fisted booking techniques.

Attractive young woman gives men instructions on moving out of the friendzone good advice or BS?

-Michigan’s gay marriage battle.

-Who is burning down one of Detroit’s most beloved neighborhoods?

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Hard Edge Radio 03/06/14


Thursday March 6th on Hard Edge Radio. The interview with Oliver from Our Last Enemy got rescheduled due to technical difficulties but they still had members of Riot In Progress in the studio and they had the usual entertainment news, upcoming shows and more. Hard Edge Radio airs live every Thursday night from 8-10pm EST on

FlashClash Radio 03/06/14


The Progrim 3/6/14


-Mike thinks his coffee may have been drugged.

-Millennials work way too hard trying to avoid any form of unhapiness.

-It’s legal to do WHAT in Massachusetts?! 

-Mummified remains of woman found in local garage.

-Man fed up with another couple’s screaming brat, becomes most hated person on internet.

-Is it Ukraine or THE Ukraine.  

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