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Tiny & Plankman Show 03/30/14

Tap Top Ten 03/30/14

Tap Top Ten for 03/30/14

1. Rezination Detroit – Poison Letter (1)
2. Deadset Revolt – White Trash Beauty Queen (2)
3. Podracer – Hammers and a Handgun (4)
4. Like A Storm – Love The Way You Hate Me (3)
5. SHOCK WAVE – Hey Kid (9)
6. Bulletproof Snow – What Comes Next (7)
7. Aterra Tale – Hide and Seek (6)
8. My Perfect Nightmare – Think Twice (10)
9. The Fluke – Greek Tragedy (D)
10. New Day Revolution – No Goodbyes (D)

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JAR Radio 03/30/14


Jeff talks to Paulina Jayne in the first hour as well as a few accoustic performances. Also he talks to the band The Mud Suns.

5XL Large & In Charge 03/28/14

See The Muzic News: (Hed) P.E.

hed pe

Jonny of See The Muzic News had a great conversation with Jahred Gomes of (Hed) P.E. They talked about several things, including the new album “Evolution“, their new label Pavement, and Jahred has a great message for all (Hed) P.E. fans. Check out the interview now!

The Progrim 3/28/14


-Bill Murray, elderly god of millennials.

-How your Facebook is telling you that you may be too old for Facebook.

-Grown men react with anger at trailer for the new Ninja Turtle Movie.

-The depressing fall of Ebaums World.

-Good news for gay couples in Michigan, maybe, we’re confused.

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Hard Edge Radio 03/27/2014


Thursday March 27th on Hard Edge Radio. They talked to vocalist Oliver Fogwell from Australian metal band Our Last Enemy and members of hard rock band Cadre stopped by the studio.  Hard Edge Radio airs live every Thursday night from 8-10pm EST on

See The Muzic News: Interview with Oliver Fogwell from Our Last Enemy














Howie D From Hard Edge Radio recently got the chance to chat with vocalist Oliver Fogwell from Australian metal band Our Last Enemy. They talked about the bands beginnings, their first number one metal song in Australia, the brand new CD Pariah and more.

Our Last Enemy is slowly starting to catch fire in places other then their homeland. The song 10,000 Headless Horses was a huge hit for the band and got them some much needed attention form Eclipse Records for distribution outside of Australia and their brand new CD Pariah is in stores and available now. They are hoping to get out to The U.S. and Europe by the end of the year. Please click below to hear the interview.



The new album Pariah from Our Last Enemy is available now.













Our Last Enemy:


Hard Edge Radio:






DJ PreZident – Weekly Address – 03/27/14


1 hour of deep house

Repeal Public Act 460 of 2012 = A tax cut for Medical Marijuana paitents

Countdown to Show Time…

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weedleaf1Did you know that this law is responsible for increased arrests by law enforcement to fund local libraries?

Your medicine does not belong in a trunk with your gun.  If that is the case then put your Ambien in the trunk also.   This law is not worth a 90 days in jail with a $500 fine to fund the local libraries.

Be kind to Kym Worthy regarding Belle Isle…     Bill Schuette’s last day of work as the Attorney General  is Dec 31,  2014

Speak with the crew on the show  by calling 313 429 0801   Jim “The Hulk” Davis and the Weed Man.

Filing a LA report is our own Toney “T-Money” Green from the house of Warren G, Snoop Dogg and, other co-conspirators



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