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Nachtlich Industrial Internet Radio 05/02/14

Friday 8-10pm (GMT-5:00)
playlist for 5/2/2014
Episode #130

Candle Nine – Nachtlich Intro
TAXIM – Erinnerungen an Morgen
Iris – Dont Cry
No Sleep By The Machine – Silent Killing (Remix)
Frontal – i-Generation
Cybertrybe – Black Ocean
Kult of Red Pyramid – Broken Mirror
Contaminated Intelligence – Worn Teeth (Fallen World Mix by Little Sap Dungeon)
Front Line Assembly – Echogenetic (Youth Code Remix)
Mental Discipline – Butterfly
THYX – Will They Learn?
Neuro-Sentence – Inferno (for a heart)
Blush Response – The Drift
Panic Lift – No Trace To Love
Peter Murphy – Hang Up
Combichrist – Maggots At The Party
Angelspit – Because God
EONITY – My Broken Heart (davaNtage Remix)
Terror Network – Piss Ant
MultiColor – The First Stage
Displacer & Nimon – The Devils House
Terror Network – God Don’t Want Your Money
Näo – Into
Näo – … the dirt
Terror Network – Kafkaesque
Stoneburner – The War Of Assassins
Näo – … the dirt
Terror Network – Today We Are All Sellouts
Eisbrecher – Verrückt (Maxwell Smart Remix)

5XL Large & In Charge 05/02/14


The Progrim 5/2/14


-The guys explore unexplained sounds in the studio.

-Olin recounts his experience with the supernatural.

-Mike bakes a cake with hilarious results.

-Seattle’s mayor is proposing $15/hr minimum wage, will it be boom or bust?

-America’s skills gap: is college the scam of our generation?

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Hard Edge Radio 05/01/14


Thursday May 1st on Hard Edge Radio they had members of Midnite Knife Fight join them in the studio and they did some metal trivia with Phillibus Sativa to win one of the new Hard Edge Radio t-shirts. Hard Edge Radio airs live every Thursday night from 8-10pm EST on

The Progrim 5/1/14


-Detroit’s most shocking crime, solved.

-Olin and Mike trade retail horror stories.

-Michigan considers revenge porn legislation.

-Did we catch a ghost on tape while talking about a new movie set to film at one of the area’s most haunted places? (47:46 mark)

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Volcano Underground Radio 415

Real Talk & Hip-Hop 04/30/14

The Progrim 4/30/14



-Hop on Pop, banned for being too violent?

-$10.10 minimum wage struck down in Senate.

-Guys are shocked to hear that taco bell meat is actually 88% meat.

-Advice on dealing with “Vulture Friends.”

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Detroit Riot 04/29/14

All Detroit Music. Set List as follows.

1.) “Boys Don’t Cry” – Junk Monkeys
2. ) “Lone Sugarbabe” – Bootsey X
3. ) “Monkeyshines” – Chuck Burns
4. ) “Holy Gasoline”

1. ) “Dr. ” -Dead In Five|
2. ) “Burn My Eyes” – Dead In Five
3. ) “Black To Comm” – MC5
4. ) “Your Pretty face Is Going To Hell” – Iggy & The Stooges

1. )” Cam Ye O’er From France?” – Bill Grogan’s Goat
2. ) “Come Out Ye Black & Tans” – Gerard Smith
3. ) “Big River” – Hellbenders
4. ) “The way I Walk” – Jack Scott”

1. ) “The Detroiter, Part Two” – Bantam Rooster
2. ) “Cryin’ ” – Von Bondies
3. ) “Death Letter” _ White Stripes
4. ) “Will I Be True?” – The Sights

1. ) “There Is An End” – The Greenhornes
2.) “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman” – Aretha Franklin
3. ) “Keep Your Hands Off My Baby” – Gore Gore Girls
4. ) “Silver & Gold ( When I Get Like This )” – Detroit Cobras

1. ) “Lazaretto” – Jack White
2. ) “Keep Trashin ” – The Go
3. ) “Gimme Some Detroit” – The Ramrods
4. ) “The Harder They Come” – Gang War

1. ) “Ode To A Black Man” – The Dirtbombs
2. ) “Dark Horses” – Soledad Bros.
3. ) Dear Theo” – The Muggs

The Progrim 4/29/14


-Reaction to the Donald Sterling decision minutes after it happens.

-Adults and how they deal with their body issues as they grow older.

-The Great Lakes’ own Atlantis.

-Man has sex change, dominates MMA female division, does she have an unfair advantage?  

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