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The Progrim 4/23/14


-Mike has roid rage, takes it out on Olin and the callers, claims that “man cards” are for homophones who are afraid they’re gay.

-Lauren Urasek, The most popular woman on OKCupid calls to give us a piece of her mind, Olin falls in love.

-Stone Cold takes a stand on gay marriage.

-Who suing the pledge now?

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The Will of the Voters vs Bill Schuette – Equal Protection Under the Law

By the WeedMan [ujicountdown id=”Radio-Thon Countdown” expire=”2014/04/25 17:00″ hide = “true”]

Is Bill Schuette’s victory good for the Marijuana Movement?

Who’s on the Ballot in 2014?

Equal Opportunity Tokin and we are not Jokin!

Burn one with us every  Friday from 5-7pm Eastern Daylight Time on 5xl Large and In Charge  on Call in at 313 429 0801

5xl Richard

Free The Weed

Detroit Riot 04/22/14

1. ) “Young Americans” – David Bowie
2. ) “Bring It On Home” – Rod Stewart & Faces
3. ) “You Send Me” – Sam Cooke
4. ) “Try A Little Tenderness” – Otis Redding
1. ) “Feel” – Big Star
2. ) “Uh Huh Oh Yeah” – Paul Weller
3. ) “Life Is A Carnival” – The Band
4. ) “Mystic Lady” – T. Rex
1. ) “Be My Baby” – The Ronettes
2. ) “Love & Happiness” – Al Green
3. ) “Love You More” – The Buzzcocks
4. ) “All I Want Is You” – Roxy Music
1. ) “The Wind That Shakes The Barley” – Dead Can Dance
2. ) “Livin’ For The City” – The Dirtbombs
3. ) “My Whole World Ended The Moment You Left Me” – David Ruffin
4. ) “Do You Realize?” – Flaming Lips
1. ) “Murder In The City” – The Avett Bros.
2. ) “Old Man” – Neil Young
3. ) “Father & Son” – Johnny Cash & Fiona Apple
4. ) “You Can Get It If You Really Want It” – Jimmy Cliff
5. ) “Ride On &Turn The People On” – Finley Quaye
6. ) “Your Love Gets Sweeter Everyday” – Finley Quaye
1. ) “China Girl” – Iggy Pop
2. ) “Satellite Of Love” – Lou Reed
3. ) “Looking For A Kiss” – NY Dolls
1. ) “Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand” – The Detroit Cobras
2. ) “Girl” – The Beatles
3. ) “I Got A Woman” – Ray Charles

The Progrim 4/22/14

Dog Selfie

-Mike’s shocking brush with death.

-Product people use to cheat on pee tests.

-Kansas teenager who needs an after school job starts a petition.

-Kid gets suspended for asking Ms. America to Prom, what did Olin do in his day to top it?

-Guy goes crazy trying to take the perfect selfie.

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5xl Richard

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T-Money Green & Jim “The Hulk” Davis

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Zaldor’s World 04/21/14

Mark Y Mark El Programa 04/21/14


Tap Top Ten 04/20/14

Tap Top Ten for 04/20/14

1. Rezination Detroit – Poison Letter (1)
2. Deadset Revolt – White Trash Beauty Queen (2)
3. Like A Storm – Love The Way You Hate Me (5)
4. Kevin B Klein Music – Born to be Free (D)
5. Podracer – Easy Singles (3)
6. Bulletproof Snow – What Comes Next (4)
7. SHOCK WAVE – Hey Kid (6)
8. Aterra Tale – Hide & Seek (8)
9. Sick Smile – This Cloud (D)
10. FLASHCLASH – Magic Morning Serenade (D)

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