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Volcano Underground Radio 309

Real Talk & Hip-Hop 03/12/14

Special guest Moe Dirdee

The Progrim 03/12/14


-Another one of Mike’s prophecies comes to pass, but he MAY be just as crazy as Pat Robertson.

-Isn’t banning the word “bossy,” kind of bossy in itself?

-Is Target trying to steal your crotch?

-After years of copper theft and arson in the city of Detroit, a grafitti tagged clock is the final straw for many suburbanites.

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Real Talk and Hip Hop

Each Week Jeremiah Storyz and his co-host Wyatt talk politics, life and Hip-Hop. Follow the upcoming podcast feed here, new episodes will air weekly.

You can listen live 5-7pm Eastern Time. Don’t miss out!

The Progrim 3/11/14


-Video of strangers kissing, good opportunity to talk about dental hygiene.

-Mysterious plane disappears into thin air, experts baffled, conspiracy theorists working overtime.

-Everyone loves a creeper as long as that creeper isn’t creeping on you.

-Edward Snowden and Julian Assange are no Grumpy Cat.

-The official Progrim Drinking Game is unveiled.

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Detroit Riot 03/11/14

1.) “Cruiscin Lan” – Gerard Smith
2.) “Johnny Got A Boom Boom” – Imelda May
3.) “Fortunate Son” – Dropkick Murphhys
4.) “Foggy Dew” – Bill Grogan’s Goat

1.) “Give Ireland Back to thhe Irish” – Ketch Secor
2.) “Litigation” – The Tossers
3.) “Marcshlua Ui Nell” – Agus Ceolt Neil & Sean O Riada
4.) “Factory Girl” – Sinead O’Connor
5.) “Alternative Ulster” – Stiff Little Fingers

1.) “Death Of A Space Piper” – The Real McKenzies

2.) “South Australia” – The Pogues
3.) “The Fields of Athhenry” – Kilmaine Saints
4.) “True Confessions” – The Undertones
5.) “Suspect Device” – Stiff Little Fingers

1.) “Looking After #1” – Boomtown Rats
2.) “Armalite Rifle” – Gang of Four
3.) “Down the Boozer” – The Mahones
4.) “Whiskey In A Jar” – Thin Lizzy

1.) “Intro” – Dropkick Murphys
2.) “For Boston” – Dropkick Murphys
3.) “If I Ever Leave This World Alive” – Flogging Molly
4.) “The Wind That Shakes the Barley” – Dead Can Dance
5.) “Oro Se Do Bheathha” – The Dubliners


1.) “The Night Pat Murphy Died”-Great Big Sea
2.) “Bankers & Gangsters” – Black 47
3. ) “Waltzing Matilda” – The Pogues
4.) “The Unicorn Song” – The Irish Rovers
5.) “I’m Not Lucky” – The Corktown Popes
6.) “Teenage Kicks” – Undertones

Zaldors World 03/10/14

The Progrim 3/10/14


-Spring forward PANIC!

-Mike and Olin both have repressed childhood memories of getting beat up by girls.

-Shove Putin where the sun don’t shine, literally.

-Has anyone ever been catfished by someone who looks BETTER than their fake pictures?

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Don’t Panic Radio 03/09/14


There’s a funky garage band on the airwaves, and they’re called Awesome Jarvis and the Whales.  With a brand new full length and a line up with both talent and personality for miles, you can listen to new tracks, two live acoustic performances, and two solid hours of getting to know this local five piece.  Check out the band’s CD release party this Friday, March 14 at PJ’s Lager House in Detroit!

Tiny & Plankman Show 03/09/14

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