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Tiny & Plankman Show 03/02/14


Jeff’s Album Review 03/02/14

Bands Aventity & Shock Wave stop in the studio and talk to Jeff about upcoming shows and what’s coming with these bands.

Tap Top Ten 03/02/14

Tap Top Ten for 03/02/14

1. Rezination – Poison Letter – (1)
2. Deadset Revolt – White Trash Beauty Queen (7)
3. Podracer – Hammers and a Handgun (2)
4. Shock Wave – Hey Kid (4)
5. Like A Storm – Love The Way You Hate Me (3)
6. Bulletproof Snow – What Comes Next (5)
7. Blind Season – Mirrors and Scales (9)
8. Full Tilt – Stand Up (D)
9. Chrome Mollie – Free Me (6)
10. New Day Revolution – No Goodbyes (D)

Do you want a band YOU really like, or are in on THIS list? Send your requests to or visit our facebook page and comment on our posts!

Plankman’s House of Blues 03/02/14

5XL Large & In Charge 02/28/14


Nachtlich Industrial Internet Radio 02/28/14


The Progrim 2/28/14


  • Olin Debates retiring his catch phrase and the Progrim drinking game is born.
  • Retrograde, for the deep down body thirst.
  • Terrible Cleveland woman lords her linked-in influence, impresses no one.
  • Supermodel on Supermodel crime.
  • Two women combine to shut Bill O’Reilly up on his own show.

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Wildly Obsessed with ‘Wild Throne’

The past 2 days I have woken up and almost immediately turned on the fascinating new EP from a band that is creeping up on my favorites list, Wild Throne.  The sometimes informative yet always entertaining MetalSucks debuted ‘Bloodmaker’ on Wednesday, and since then its culminated nearly 10,000 plays on the bands SoundCloud page. Now, normally I’ll sprinkle in some satire and fairly unfunny jokes within my posts, but honestly, this band is too good to fuck around with. I’m not even kidding.

Wild Throne came together in 2009 and have released two vinyl EP’s, one each in 2011 and 2012. The release of Bloodmaker on March 4th will be nothing short of epic, as I am assuming the amount of pre-orders has exploded since the preview 48 hours ago. Seriously, its that fucking good.

Their sound? It has an early Mastodon feel, with familiar vocals that are reminiscent of Greg Puciato’s clean-ish singing and a hard-rock edge that gently caresses the hiney of metal every other beat. It reminds me of a harder and more passionately embroiled version of a little known band called Bear Crossing, but distinctly their own…if that makes any sense. I can see Pitchfork creaming their pants over this band, and this time its rightfully deserved (Deafheaven…don’t even get me started).

‘The Wrecking Ball Unchained’ is my favorite of the three tracks released, which you can listen to this very moment. I cannot get it out of my head. Please god do yourself a favor and  pre-order their EP via the little shopping cart on the SoundCloud widget below. Did I mention I like these guys? Because I really like these guys. Happy Friday!

What you you guys think? Digging Wild Throne or giving it a pass? Let me know in the comments!


See The Muzic News: Justin McCain from Emphatic














Howie D from Hard Edge Radio recently got the chance to talk to guitarist Justin McCain from hard rockers Emphatic. They got to talk about the ups and downs the band has had over the years, the hype around the latest CD and the single “Remember Me”, The current tour with Red and Gemini Syndrome and the plans for the future.

Their latest CD “Another Life” has been out since August of 2013 and it’s still doing well. The band prides itself on being a band for the fans and tour dates and festival appearances for the remainder of 2014 are being set as we speak.

Please click below to hear the interview with Howie and Justin.



Celebrate 4:20 with the Easter Bunny in 2014!

420Bunny Celebrate Easter with Marijuana Appreciation Day on Sunday April 20th, 2014.

The Plant From GOD that’s good for the ‘bod’.

Vote Weed in 2014 =  Jobs and Prosperity is good for you and me.

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