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Nachtlich Industrial Internet Radio 05/30/14

Friday 8-10pm (GMT-5:00)
playlist for 5/30/2014
Episode #132

Candle Nine – Nachtlich Intro
Millipede – Living With Ghosts
ATTRITION – One Horse Rider (Man Woman Machine mix)
Nahtaivel – The Void
Dink – Reflections-Marshall-Applewhite-Remix
Wumpscut – Heresy
A.E.C. – cliche
MONDTRAUME – A Sea Of Distance
Alter Der Ruine – Leviathan
TAMTRUM – My Fall Stillife Remix digital version
Aborym – Helter Skelter Youth (Pervy remix)
Vomito Negro – King of Thieves
AESTHETISCHE – The Light Within feat Mari Kattman – Clubmix
E-Craft – Gone
EyeScream – Nothing to Hide
Mr Kitty – Heaven
XP8 – Information (Phaezek 4 Remix)
Leæther Strip – Sanctuary
GoFight – The Funk
Front Line Assembly – Contagion
Prude – plague star (black light returning)
STUDIO-X vs SIMON CARTER – Gone Together Again
N.U.T.E – Ghost Of The Eighties
Panic Lift – Awake (Heartwire Remix)
Defrag – If You Were A Dream
MiXE1 – Here
FREAKANGEL – queen of hearts blakOPz remix

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