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DJ Dos Lopez – Disney Musical Mix featuring Sarah Hall

☆What type of music? I am a classically trained opera singer, and I also write electro-pop songs. 
☆When did you first start? I was a musician since childhood and started writing songs on the piano at age 8. I started my classical vocal training at age 14 and continued this through undergraduate and graduate school. 
☆Why did you decide to start it? I always loved music and artistic expression. I got into singing because I wanted to be a broadway performer when I was in my early teens. My singing was a big support to my adventures in theatre.
☆Are you a solo Artist or part of group? Solo
☆What name do you go by? Sarah Hall
☆How did you come up with the name? I experimented with many stage name but in the end my real name felt like it was the most authentic and least limiting as to the kinda of music I wanted to explore. I like to play in many genres!
☆Who do you like to collaborate with? My boyfriend, Jesse Fox- cellist, percussionist, composer and producer. Also recently collaborated with sun eagle, a psychedelic jam band. I’m the past I have lent my vocals to many bands spanning from folk to death metal.
☆Where do you play? Mostly at home! I also occasionally sing at nonsense night at the tangent gallery in Detroit. 
☆When are your upcoming shows? None so far! 😊
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