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DJ Do$ Lopez – ChillStep Mix featuring Young Retro



What Type of music?  Hip Pop

When did you start? 2004

Why did you decide to start it? To influence others and express myself freely

How many people in your group ? just one, im a solo artist

Who do you like to collaborate with ? 50 Cent, Drake, Lil Wayne, Rihanna

What is the name of your band ? Young Retro

Where do you play ? From Cali to Vegas

Where are your upcoming shows? Just finished on June 8th in Las Vegas @ BadBoySinCity  and got another one at “Sauce” This Friday June 12th.

Young Retro Bio:

Born in Los Angeles, California Young Retro’s passion for music started at the age of eight. He began rapping at community events, talent shows, parks and recreation, social gathers, and with groups of friends. “What inspired me to make music was making a difference in the game and in peoples daily life “. My goal is to keep marching forward by achieving my dreams through making music and inspiring others to do anything they put their mind to. I wanted to set the example for my fans but still have fun wit what I’m creating. Growing up I listened to street battles and cypher sessions, I’ve always listened closely to the lyrics,” said Young Retro. As time went on, Young Retro began writing his own lyrics and also began recording them at his home with friends and family in Los Angeles. “My older brother Michael inspired me to pursue my dreams in music in the early 2000’s and to never give up. We grew up listening to Notorious B.I.G, and enjoyed how smooth he sounded while rapping,” said Young Retro”. By age fourteen, Young Retro entered High School where he was well known for performing at assemblies and Talent Shows. He also performed at neighborhood parties, and at local neighborhood showcases. “By performing at school events and in showcases I developed more swag and stage presence, and my flows became better and better,” said Young Retro. Today, he’s new, he’s hot, he’s fresh, and his goal is to be the best. Young Retro has become an all around entertainer, and has a wide range of talents ranging from rapping, song writing, photography, video production, event planner, etc. Today he performs at larger venues such as Coast2Coast, The Knitting Factory, The Celebrity Center International, The State Capital of California, The LA Watts and Long Beach Festival, and also at several nightclub throughout the Los Angeles Area. Young Retro stayed in the Magazines for two and a half years strong now and still growing. He was interviewed and featured in magazine from all over the world such as WWS Magazine, True Magazine, Mrz. Dreamz Magazine, Coast2Coast Magazine, The UnderGroundfix, Rapp Weekly Magazine,and still counting. It was the summer of 2012 his hit single “2 Fresh Wit it” Kicked his Career off.  Aside from music, Young Retro was also featured as an extra in Lil Wayne’s music video “Prom Queen” in 2009. He is currently expanding his career, moving into acting, modeling, and film & music video directing. Aside from music, Young Retro is studying Business Management at Humboldt State University with an ultimate goal to create his own Record Label. Today Young Retro has a total of 5 mixtapes and his on just about every HipHop site you can think of. Connect more with Young Retro at




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