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DJ Do$ Lopez – All Music Neko Mix featuring Myke Murder


Google: “Myke Murder” for free music and videos
Facebook: Myke Murder and MURDERCORP

What type of music? Hip Hop

Why did you decide to start it? Hip Hop is a communicative artform, and I believe the youth of today connects with an MC more than a “authority” figure that you would normally get in the world. So I wanted to use the art to speak to kids without seeming like an authority.

When did you first start? 2008

What is the name of your band/ group, etc? Myke Murder, I run the company MURDERCORP.© which I use to create music videos for other artist as well as sell my own clothing. Currently we are lining up a roster to have a full label of artist who creatively control themselves.

How many people in your group? 1

Where do you play? I’ve played all over Michigan pretty much every venue. Played a few festivals in Chicago and I have a tour coming up on the East coast in January.

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