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DJ Do$ Lopez – Alternative RockCloud Mix featuring Fausto


What type of music? I do hip-hop, but I like to call it cinematic film music meets hip-hop

When did you first start? I’ve been into making music since the 4th/5th grade. I played guitar all through high school and have always been into writing 

Why did you decide to start it? I’m just into creative outlets and expressing yourself through some form of art.
Are you a solo Artist or part of group? I am a solo artist.
What name do you go by? Fausto
How did you come up with the name? It was at one point just Faust and a friend of mine one day added the O and I kind of like the way it sounded. It later turned out that the word Fausto means lucky or fortunate.
Who do you like to collaborate with? People who influence me like: Ali cashius Jr. Mosion M. Mcguire. For videos I enjoy working with Diego Cruz & Arturo Rivera Jr. They’re who I goto to bring my visions to life.

Where do you play? My last show I performed at was at Simons in downriver. Since then I’ve just been working on putting this Album together.

When are your upcoming shows? None recently 

Social Medias:
Instagram: @CoffeeWithThegods
Twitter: @coffeewithgods
“Lords”(official music video):
“Pray For Paris”(produced by.drebeatzknockn)
Pray for paris(official music video)
Gone Girl(produced by. King Zeus) filmed in Las Vegas-
“LPNY”(filmed in New York)

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