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DJ Do$ Lopez – SpaceCat Dance Mix featuring Emily Infinity


​Emily Infinity plays all types of music with all kinds of instruments.  Her introduction to music first began at the age of 5 when her parents made her to take violin lessons. Emily didn’t quite understand why she had to learn the violin, but she went along with it, and today she is very grateful they brought her into the path of music. She discovered her singing voice around the age of 9, and on the 10th Christmas she received a keyboard piano, which she still has and uses to this day.  Over the years, Emily realized that music was about having fun in the moment and contributing whatever instrument you are able to, even if you have to invent a makeshift instrument on the spot. She stumbled upon the Chromaharp at Music-go-round on a sad day. A friend from kindergarden had passed away, and she solemnly drifted from his wake and into the music shop here the chromaharp first truly connected with her. It continues to hold a sentimental value, and is the instrument she plays the most.  Her current goals are to finish school in political science and make her first album. The latest places she has been spotted playing music are at the Tangent Gallery, The Phoenix Café, and the Union Street Saloon. She hopes to collaborate with other musicians who are interested in combining folky sounds with enlightening messages.  You can find her playing at the Union Street open mic night on Tuesdays hosted by Audra Kubat.

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