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DJ Do$ Lopez – All Female Pop Mix featuring CienTell



What type of music you do?

— My style of R&B/Pop fused with Hip Hop Stage name: I’m a solo artist and I go by the name, Cien Tell.


When did you start doing music?

–‐ I started about 3 years ago working with a gospel artist, then I realized that wasn’t the route I wanted to go. I grew up singing in the choir and at church so that pressure to do gospel was on me heavy. Up until a year ago, I started wiring R&B songs and working with a few producers, then I started working with Jazatopia of Jazatopia Ent, the producer of my first single, “Baddest Chick”. That’s currently on Itunes. Another producer I’m working with, Freeze, produced my 2nd single, “Slow” which is available for free download on Soundcloud (FMF Records) My debut EP “Get To Know Me” will release this June, along with a mixtape sometime in May.


Why music?

–‐ I love music, whether I’m singing to it, dancing to it or simply supporting another artist. I was born with a natural gift of rhythm. It took me years to realize that being a musician is what I’m supposed to be doing. I spent many years, great years, dancing back up for local artists, dance companies and choreographers. I felt like I was time for me to pursue my own music career and to share with the world my story and life experiences. It takes courage and confidence to be a musician and for anyone who aspires to do it, just do it fearlessly.


Where do you play?

— I have performed at the Phoenix Café, Bullfrog, Hazel’s Place, and have had the opportunity to perform for Detroit’s Got Talent on WADL TV38, which aired on March 1st. I have performed at the Detroit Dance City Festival in August of last year (2014). I’m looking forward to opening up for more major acts nationally and internationally, as well as headlining my own shows!


Upcoming shows?

— My record label, FMF Records, is lining me up for upcoming shows. I’m performing at the Riverplace in downtown Detroit on March 7th for Gucci Rie mixtape release party. Anyone who wishes to attend can visit my website at for updates. Also listeners can follow me on Instagram @cientell and Facebook: The Art of Cientell. I’m having a EP release party and concert in May, the date and location will be posted in a few weeks on those sites.


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