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Tiny & Plankman

The Tiny & Plankman Show Christmas Special 12-20-15


We played some of our favorite Christmas tunes & discussed a little of everything.

Whatever you missed can be heard on the podcast below.

Thanks for tuning in. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Prepare yourselves for a ROCKIN’ 2016 with us.

We appreciate each & every 1 of you.

Yes. Even Razlog! lol



The Tiny & Plankman Show 12-13-15


We had a pretty awesome show on Sunday. First we started off with a NEW game show(it was exciting). Then of course we played some cool tunes & had the return of a FORMER Co-Host because we had The Means on to perform LIVE in studio & debut 2 new tunes. Also did Band to Band Combat, had our DooD Dude of the week & we talked about The Benefit show Tiny put on last Saturday at The All Around. If I left anything out well thats what the podcast is for. Click the player below & listen to everything I forgot to tell you. Like The who,what,when & where of our Anniversary show. Anything else? Don’t worry. It’s in there.



The Tiny & Plankman Show 12-6-15



We had Jesse Andrew on from Emperors & Elephants to talk about Scott Wieland. It was a great discussion about addiction,the rock n roll lifestyle & the way things should be in Rock N Roll. We also played some cool tunes. Had Band To Band Combat & The DooD Dude of the week. We also had the return of Alyssa. The point of the Scott Wieland discussion was to NOT glorify anyone who has ruined their life to drug or alcohol addiction. It was to point out there’s a problem in the Rock N Roll community & it needs to change. If you or someone you know has a drug or alcohol problem & needs help click the link here¬†,5885,7-339-71550_2941_4871_4877—,00.html. We all know someone who has a problem & can use help. Don’t wait.


Talk to ya all next Sunday. Very special show & a former Co-Host returns!

Tune in.



Actions speak louder then words.






The Tiny & Plankman Show 11-29-15

We had quite the busy & fun show Sunday. First we had Tito from Saint Diablo on to talk ALL things Saint Diablo & he also gave us some insight into what went into the making of the album. We also had our old pal Art Regner on to talk all things hockey,football,baseball & yes Canadian Football! It was a jam packed show so if you missed anything download the podcast & hear what you missed.

Thanks again to Tito from Saint Diablo & as always thanks to Art Regner for taking time out of their busy schedules to talk with us.


The Tinyless Plankman Show 11-22-15


We had Rudy Martinez from Stella Lost cool band out of Laredo,TX. We played a tune from their album “Everything old is new again”. We also discussed radio in general but more specifically The Lions. Also discussed my WNOP am 740 days & played tunes from Underland,Bridge To Grace,Viathyn & more. Oh yeah, Razlog had the DOOD of the week while Tiny was on assignment in the middle east. If you missed any of this or just wish to hear the show again download the podcast below & listen. Next Sunday we have our interview with Saint Diablos & Art will be on to talk ALL things hockey & maybe some FOOTBALL. You won’t wanna miss that. Happy Thanksgiving to all.



Happy Birthday Scott Longton.

The Tiny & Plankman Show Broken day Machine Special 11-15-15

We had Scott & Will from Broken Day Machine in studio all night just hanging out,promoting their last show at The Token Lounge Friday night with harlow & Ominous Presence. Which by the way The Tiny & Plankman Show will broadcast LIVE from The Token Friday night so if you’ve never come out & seen us LIVE in person this is you’re chance. Help us send our friends in BDM off right. Also, Will & Scott performed a few tunes & I believe MAY have let a little nugget of info out. Guess you’ll have to download the podcast to find out what it was now won’t you?

Seriously want to thank Broken day Machine for the GREAT music & friendship over these years. We’ve done our show for nearly 4 years now. We’ve worked with a lot of bands. This group of bad ass musicians have been by far the easiest to work with (as far as doing a radio show) that Tiny & myself have had the pleasure of interacting with. I know these people will be successful in whatever they do outside of BDM.

So, in honor of them…..

“Raise a glass”

Here’s to Broken Day Machine.





The Tiny & Plankman Show 11-08-15



Tonight we had Roses Unread on to discuss their new album. We Debuted the NEW New Day Revolution tune Judas. We also played music from Ominous Presence,Emperors & Elephants,Scissortooth,Fallen Angels & more. Also started the show off with Ordway’s “Bad Dream” to pay tribute to my Aunt Karen Plankey who left us last Thursday. If you missed any of this download our podcast below & hear what Anthony missed.



R.I.P. Aunt Karen



The Tiny & Plankman Show 11-01-15












Tonights show was incredible. We had Billy Sheehan from The Winery Dogs on. We are THE ONLY STATION IN MICHIGAN interviewing & playing The Winery Dogs. We also discussed the Murder FM & Blacktide show at The Token from Wednesday. We called Anthony during his show LIVE on air. Band to Band combat was Spitting Whiskey vs. Mr. Purps. If you missed ANY of this download our podcast below.

Thank you all for tuning in.




The Tiny & Plankman Show 10-25-15

We had our friend Norman from MURDER Fm on to promote their gig at The Token Lounge Wednesday 10-28-15 with Blacktide. Norman is a blast. If you haven’t seen them live you gotta get out to The Token Lounge Wednesday. We also had Wenchie in studio to celebrate Halloween, Razlog along with his girlfriend Steph who is AWESOME & the new girl. We also gave you a sneak peak into our interview with The 1,The ONLY Billy Sheehan of The Winery Dogs which will air NEXT SUNDAY so DON’T MISS IT. Seriously the biggest interview of our radio careers so PLEASE TUNE IN. We played music from 3 Phase,Omicida,Broken Day Machine,MURDER FM,DC DRIVE,Spitting Whiskey,A Year in New York & more. If you missed any of this (like Anthony probably missed Norman from Murder FM saying that his band is opening for them at The Machine Shop) download our podcast & enjoy.








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