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Tiny & Plankman

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The Plankman Show #3

We had a whole lot of problems getting this show off I aint gonna lie. In the end it turned out great. Thanks to Matt & Steve from Read’em & Weep for coming in,hangin out & playing some new music from their new album for us. Also would like to thank my neighbor Jamie for coming in last minute & helping out with the show. I did start off angry & ranted about the local music & supporters or lack there of. Anything you missed can be heard through the podcast link below.

Thank you all who tune in & thanks again to Read’em & weep. Check them out August 13th at Zeeks in Ferndale.13669748_1155165784546580_6383758342365443275_n





The Plankman Show #1

Tonights show we had Rawb from Psychostick to talk all things Psychostick & promote their new video which you can find on youtube or our fb page.

We played a lot of music cause its hot as hell in this studio.

We also debuted Read Em & Weeps new tune Bottoms up.

Anything you missed can be heard in the podcast below.

Thanks for tuning in.

Dont forget about DIRTFEST!






The Tiny & Plankman Show 6-9-16


In case you missed Thursday show you can download the podcast & hear what you missed.

Including No Alyssa or KZ!

Where’s razlog? Anyones guess.

Thanks to Dale Ratliff from Ray Street Park, Anthony Munoz from Ominous Presence & Volcano from Volcano & The New Radio Standard for join us on the show. Talk to you all next Thursday night at 8pm

Plank u very much. lol


Thanks Tiny



The Tiny & Plankman Show 05/22/16


Last night was the return of the Plankman! We also had special guests, Justin and Michael, from the band Indecision. They played some live in studio music for us, that was fantastic! So a big thank you to them for coming down and hanging out with us! Tune in and listen to what you missed!


The Plankman Show 06/02/16


On last night’s show….IT’S THIRSTY THURSDAYS BITCHES! The Tiny and Plankman Show finally switched to Thursdays! Planks and KZ got all giddy about Guns N Roses. We also did a little music block for Razlog’s birthday and gave a happy birthday shout out to our man, Norman, from Murder FM. Tune in and listen for more!


Tiny & Plankman Show 05/15/16


Tonight, we did an update with Planks on Ohio, and also found out he’s coming back next week! We also did an interview with the lead vocalist, Daniel, from Thin Skin. We talked about their upcoming tour in Columbia! And played some of their tunes! We also did a GOT (Game of Thrones) update! Listen to the show to get the whole low down if you missed out!


The Tiny and Plankman Show – 5/09/16

13076809_972076992899414_4034372694133540390_nLast night on The Tiny and Plankyless show, yes unfortunately Planks is still out of town and Tiny had to work. So the interns took over again! We got to talk to Planks for a little bit and get breaking news from him. Also, we had live special guests in studio, Here we Harbor, Shayne the guitarist and their manager Joe. We briefly talked about Game of Thrones, some sports, and a pretty awesome summer concert happening! Tune in now to find out!


The Tiny & Plankman Show 5-01-16


The show should have been called the intern show! Tiny and Planks were both out of the studio due to work, so Kz and I (Alyssa) ran the show. We had a bit of a rough start, so bare with us people! But other than that we had a great show! We had special guests, The Old Adage, live in studio with us. Talked about new Game of Thrones, sports news and summer shows coming up to check out. Oh! And Mr. Planks gave us a quick call in. Take a listen and enjoy! Thanks again to The Old Adage for coming in the studio and having fun with us!



The Tiny & Plankman Show 4-25-16


This Sunday we recapped about the Murder FM and Another Lost Year show that happened on Friday, April 22nd. We also scored an amazing interview with Clinton and the gang from Another Lost Year. You don’t want to miss ¬†that interview, it was hilarious! We talked about Alyssa’s birthday hangover and how Prince died on her birthday. And we also played some tribute songs for Prince’s passing. And lastly, the return of Razlog! Lots to hear about! So check it out!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this show a fun one!


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