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DJ Do$ Lopez

DJ Dos Lopez – Otaku Mix

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DJ Dos Lopez -Love Songs Mix featuring Vydell

What type of music? I am a Rapper- Entreprenuer

> When did you first start? I started rapping at like 13 then soon after I started writing all as a hobby and a stress reliever.
> I took it serious for about a year at 16, and came back to it about a year and a half ago.

> Why did you decide to start it? I started rapping the music on the radio and all that because I LOVE music. I listen jazz, hip hop, r&b, rap, some rock and roll, blues, old school. I am not really picky when it comes to what I’m willing to listen to. With my writing it started off as poetry then I started putting together my own rhymes. I write short stories, poems, lyrics, there was a time when I even started to write (actually draw out notes) a composition. Traced out the Treble Clef and everything because I use to play the piano, flute, baritone and trumpet. SO music was the only thing I turned to deal with growing up started off listening, then writing, then rapping.

> Are you a solo Artist or part of group? I am a solo Artist, have done many features SHoutout to My bro Kultur3, Lyrik, Tae Bandz, Ike B Muzik, Moe Davon- Worldwide Core Radio, man I could go down a list but Imma old my composer.

> What name do you go by? My rap is Vydell, Vydell Hutchinson

> How did you come up with the name? When I was a kid, I had a group of friends that I use to rap with. At that time my writing and rapping was pretty dark and they gave me that name, and I just stuck with it.

> Who do you like to collaborate with? No 1 person in particular, I just like to make HITS. As long as there is a beat, a subject and time- I LOVE IT

> Where do you play? There is no 1 place, I ONLY perform. If I don’t have to work nor tend to my family I WILL do a show. Don’t get me wrong I have been asked to perform a few times but when that is NOT going on then I like to pick and choose my showcases or just come out to show support.

> When are your upcoming shows? I have a show March 24th TBA
> February 17- this Friday at Carbon Lounge
>Doors open at 9p… So Definitely come through and support. I also do graphics, I have done a few covers, flyers, tickets, business cards, websites and different type of graphics for artists, promoters, and who ever may be interested.

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Twitter- hughes_qwen and Vydell Fanspage
Instagram- Vydell-Hutchinson

DJ Dos Lopez featuring Chris Tha Cat & Pop Mix

What type of music? Experimental bass
When did you first start? 2013
Why did you decide to start it? 2012
Are you a solo Artist or part of group? Solo with lots of homies who produce!
What name do you go by?  Chris Tha Cat
How did you come up with the name? Friends in high school used to call me cat and my name is chris
Who do you like to collaborate with? All of my friends of course and other dope artists
Where do you play? All over Michigan and soon to be U.S.
When are your upcoming shows
Jan. 7th Turn up on Woodward
Jan. 21st Dub Down: Oolacile & Tempest

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DJ Dos Lopez – New Dubstep Mix featuring William Paul

-What type of music?  _ House/Tech House/ Deep House/ Deep Tech House
-When did you first start?   _ Before you where born  lol   
-Why did you decide to start it?  _ Its was the 80’s, Hip Hop Videos,  
-Are you a solo Artist or part of group?     currently solo 
-What name do you go by?   WilliamPaul 
-How did you come up with the name? Its my real name
-Who do you like to collaborate with?   Always looking to inspire and be inspired. 
-Where do you play?   Currently no regular gigs.  
-When are your upcoming shows? n/a 

DJ Dos Lopez – 2016 Musicians Re-Run

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