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The Plankmans Show 02/03/17

Did you miss last weeks show?

Well you missed us Debuting The NEW Hemi Devils tune “Hellride”. Those dudes from Cleveland Kick ASS!

Also missed us playing some comedy from some of the all time greats. That may become a thing on the show now. Start the show off with a comedy act?

Anyways hear everything you missed by clicking play below.

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Thanks for listening……. And reading.







The Plankman Show 12-29-16

The last show of the year & KZ’s last show with us. It was hard to say good bye cause KZ’s been with me through a very rough 2016 year. All the best KZ!

Also we played a couple of the interviews we had with Simon from Fractal Cyphers & Sagan & Nick from Hail Sagan. Also put it out there what I personally want to accomplish in 2017 with some of my musical friends. Anything you missed can be heard on the podcast player below.

Special thanks to a few people who helped keep me going & didnt throw in the towel when I was down.

Obviously Olin, Jon Asher & his crew at Asher media, Shauna O’donnell and O’donnell media,Eclipse Records,EMP,Gold Dragon records(Which is now Milwaukee Junction records.) and many more. Thank you for sticking with me through a very trying time in my radio career.

Talk soon,




The Plankman Show 12/08/16


Miss the show last night? Well you missed a ton!

Lots of NEW music including Project Payne, Voodoo Sex Cult & JOANovARC. Also a very in depth(and quite heated) discussion about the local music scene and the following or lack there of.

Wanna hear what you missed?

Click the player below and hear for yourself.

Thanks for tuning in & reading this as well.






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