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The Plankman Show 12-29-16

The last show of the year & KZ’s last show with us. It was hard to say good bye cause KZ’s been with me through a very rough 2016 year. All the best KZ!

Also we played a couple of the interviews we had with Simon from Fractal Cyphers & Sagan & Nick from Hail Sagan. Also put it out there what I personally want to accomplish in 2017 with some of my musical friends. Anything you missed can be heard on the podcast player below.

Special thanks to a few people who helped keep me going & didnt throw in the towel when I was down.

Obviously Olin, Jon Asher & his crew at Asher media, Shauna O’donnell and O’donnell media,Eclipse Records,EMP,Gold Dragon records(Which is now Milwaukee Junction records.) and many more. Thank you for sticking with me through a very trying time in my radio career.

Talk soon,




The Plankman Show 12/08/16


Miss the show last night? Well you missed a ton!

Lots of NEW music including Project Payne, Voodoo Sex Cult & JOANovARC. Also a very in depth(and quite heated) discussion about the local music scene and the following or lack there of.

Wanna hear what you missed?

Click the player below and hear for yourself.

Thanks for tuning in & reading this as well.






The Plankman Show 11/10/16


If you missed last nights show you missed the Top 10 Cities to live in Michigan,Awesome music & Our EXCLUSIVE interview with President Elect Donald Trump. You’re sad you didn’t hear it? Well click the player below & listen. Also thanks to ALL the vets for serving our country so idiots like myself can do the things I do that some people may find entertaining.

P.S. Wheres Dan Mark?

Thank you for listening……. And reading.






The Plankman Show 11/3/16

Well. If you missed this show you missed our best show to date. We talked to the fellas from The Creeping Chaos about the Don Dokken Incident at The Token Lounge in Westland last Thursday as they were the band on immediately prior to Don. The reaction from fans,listeners and local musicians was & still is amazing. This is Detroit Rock City & NO ONE comes into our back yard & pisses on our flowers! Yes, I was a little fired up. We had some many calls KZ didn’t know what to do. We also discussed the cubbies & we played NOTHING BUT DETROIT LOCAL MUSIC. Eva Under Fire,The Creeping Chaos,Dead In 5,New Day Revolution 6 Prong Paw & Pick Axe Preachers. I stick to my claim that I could play 2 hours of nothing but local music & it would be just as good as anything else on radio. Challenge excepted Don!

Seriously thanks to everyone who tuned in,called in & showed support for the local music. Without the support of the people there is no local music scene.

Go see a awesome local band near you this weekend.

Catch you guys next week.



In memory of Drew Sharp.








The Plankman Show 10/20/16

If you missed last nights show you missed a lot! First off we had Sagan & Nick from Hail Sagan on to finish up our conversation with them. If you havent gotten their EP click on the link & get it! I did. Also we continued with the scary music to celebrate Halloweenie & discussed upcoming Eva Under Fire EP release Saturday night at The All Around. If that wasnt enough We had Matt Ryan,Ted,KZ & Jamie so we had a full studio & we discussed some of the troubling things going on in our lovely city of Detroit.

If you missed any of that click play on the player below & hear what you missed.

Thanks to Jamie,KZ,Ted & Matt for coming in & making the show so much fun.

Thanks to Sagan & Nick for coming on the show.

Thanks to you whoever you are reading this or listening to the show.



14715522_918990861568555_8938856820706178776_o copy-of-halloween-poster-1



In sad radio broadcasting news I found out earlier today that longtime columnist & radio talk show host Drew “Boudini” Sharp passed away.

My first job in radio in Detroit I worked with Drew & Terry Foster. I’ll have more to say later but for now I just wanna say I am truly saddened by the loss of Drew. He was a great person to work with On & off the air & I enjoyed reading his columns very much. He was 1 of a kind. I dont think the Lions press conferences will be the same.

R.I.P. Drew





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