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The Plankman Show 10/13/16

If you missed last nights show you can hear what you missed here. We did talk to Sagan from Hail Sagan to talk about their EP release Today. Check them out for sure. Also we played “Scary” music which was really fun. So much fun that my buddy Ted had to come in with his own suggestions of songs. Nice job Ted! Think we’re gonna have to do the scary music thing again next Thursday so tune in & if you have suggestions feel free to post on the fb page. Also discussed my Megadeth experience last weekend. Thank you all for tuning in.

Special thanks to Shauna from Odonnell Media Group.

P.S. Go Red Wings!14715522_918990861568555_8938856820706178776_o




The Plankman Show 09/15/16

We interviewed Simon from Fractal Cypher(Check those guys out) and we also played favorite break up songs. We didn’t get to very many as we had some good discussion about life & well my radio career & oh the “book” Im writing. Jamie even had her own selection for favorite break up song.

Did you miss it? Well you can hear everything you missed right here. Just click PLAY.

Thanks again to Jon Asher at Asher Media for hooking us up with Simon from Fractal Cypher. Another GREAT Band out of Canada.

Canada we salute you!





The Plankman Show 09/08/16

Some kids went back to school. I went to rap

Sort of. I had Volcano,Berg & Roech in to talk all things rap music & try to educate me on the genre & difference between rap & hip-hop.

Were they successful?

Did Jamie enjoy the show?

It was definetly a fun show so if you missed it here it is for your listening pleasure.

Dont forget to check out my friends Berg & Roech on Medical Mondays & of course Volcano Underground Radio on Wednesday nights.

Thanks Fellas!


Sorry ofr the late post






The Plankman Show 9-1-16

20160602_235624Sorry for the late posting of the podcast. Anything you missed last Thursday can be heard here.

Also, This Thursday we have Volcano & Berg & Roech to Educate Plankey on Rap & Hip-Hop music.

Tune in Thursday night 8pm on to hear it all.





The Plankman Show 08/18/16

12743691_1229781190383809_5943398975839111151_nLast nights show we gave you the run down from Dirtfest, playedf some interviews with 6 Prong Paw & Crossing Rubicon & our EXCLUSIVE interview with a local legendary music fan & oh yeah someone was late! lol. Plus Olin & myself decided it was time to discuss how this yewar has been the roughest by far for both of us. Whatelse? Seems like I’m forgetting something? Or maybe “someone”? Special guest & bad ass chic & oh yeah shes my neighbor to Jamie has been filling in on the show & doing a terrific job. I guess sometimes the person you can count on is just accross the street. Oh, did I mention ALL the people that helped out with the show & Dirtfest for us? Guess you’ll have to hear whatever I said by downloading the podcast below. Big thanks to Scott from Crossing Rubicon, Nick & Seth from 6 Prong Paw & Dan Mark for stopping by & giving us some of their time at Dirtfest. Don’t forget to tell you’re friends about the show. Oh shit! I forgot we played Divided we Stand. Cool band. Check them out as well.

Thanks for tuning in &/or reading this.

Maybe next time Jamie can write this? LOL


P.S. #Volcano2016



The Plankman Show #3

We had a whole lot of problems getting this show off I aint gonna lie. In the end it turned out great. Thanks to Matt & Steve from Read’em & Weep for coming in,hangin out & playing some new music from their new album for us. Also would like to thank my neighbor Jamie for coming in last minute & helping out with the show. I did start off angry & ranted about the local music & supporters or lack there of. Anything you missed can be heard through the podcast link below.

Thank you all who tune in & thanks again to Read’em & weep. Check them out August 13th at Zeeks in Ferndale.13669748_1155165784546580_6383758342365443275_n





The Plankman Show #1

Tonights show we had Rawb from Psychostick to talk all things Psychostick & promote their new video which you can find on youtube or our fb page.

We played a lot of music cause its hot as hell in this studio.

We also debuted Read Em & Weeps new tune Bottoms up.

Anything you missed can be heard in the podcast below.

Thanks for tuning in.

Dont forget about DIRTFEST!






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