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The Plankman Show 12-7-17

What a AWESOME show last night! Did you miss it? How could you?! We had Ray & Jeff on from The Bob Bauer Memorial food drive which will continue until December 15th so get your ASS out to 13 mile & Gratiot & drop off some food for those less fortunate. Also we had Whats Ted listening to & some cool music from Saints of Sin & a special song to end the night. Anything I left out can be heard by simply clicking play on the player below. Even I know that. Thank you guys for tuning in Sorry Dan Mark we didnt get to your thing tonight but we will I promise. Thanks again to Ray Bauer & Jeff Dehnke for stopping in.

Catch ya guys next week.




The Plankman Show 10/26/17


If you missed the show Thursday night MAN YOU MISSED A GOOD 1! Our Metal show with MIke Williams of Pick Axe Preachers plus The Return of Ted from Vacation & a SPECIAL surprise guest unknown to me. Oh and we played music. lol

Hear what you missed by clicking play on the player below. Also, feel free to submit your list for “Greatest Singer/Vocalist” of our generation here or on our fb page. We’ll see how that goes.

Thanks for listening…….. And reading.

Yours truly,

Michael Hoppers #1 Fan



The Plankman Show 10-12-17

Tonight was THROWBACK THURSDAY NIGHT with a ton of 80’s music. If you love the 80’s music this was your show. LOTS OF MUSIC & NOT TOO MUCH TALKING( cause my voice was sketchy). TED still on suspension thanks to Dan Mark. Will he ever come back? Will Dan allow it? How is Harlow involved? Tune in to the next exciting episode of The Plankman Show ONLY on








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