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The Plankman Show 5-18-17

In discussing what happened the night before with Chris Cornell we play some Soundgarden,Temple of the dog & Chris Cornell solo music. Wasn’t the show we had planned but when something like this happens ( And right here in Detroit) I really felt the need to play the music of the man. Hopefully we find out the truth soon. R.I.P. Chris Cornell.

We had some music to debut as well. We got off on some Wayland! Like for real. Like 4 songs or something. Also Debuted NEW music from Roses Unread & think we threw in Harlow & Shudder & New Day Revolution for good measures. Anything I forgot you can hear my downloading the podcast below.

Thank you guys for tuning in to the show. Whether its live or podcast.

In the words of Wayland….. Get A Little!

Good night Detroit.




The Plankman Show 5-11-17

We had Chris Lucas hanging in studio talking music & playing bass.

Also we had our interview with Marq from The Bullet Boys who play TONIGHT at The Token Lounge.

We played music from The Bullet Boys,Shudder & Project Payne & DC Drive.

Download the podcast to hear the interview & Chris jamming some bass.

Thanks to Marq for chatting with us & Thanks to Chris for hanging out and playing bass in studio with us. If you wanna see Chris perform LIVE go to Road Rangers in Taylor saturday night to see Cover Band Killers & Decibel.

Thanks to everyone who tunes in LIVE.

Appreciate it very much.





The Plankman Show 04/13/17

Really good show. Wasn’t expecting to chat with Norman(formerly of) Murder FM but we had a good chat about all things MURDER FM & his new upcoming solo record. Plus we talked Red Wings & of course J. Geils. ALso debuted NEW music from From Ashes To New which kicks ASS!

Working on next weeks show already.

Rock N’ Roll Criminals Top 10? Get your list to us or post on FB.

Thanks to Ted Eberly for coming in & Norman for the talk. I truly appreciate it.

Have a good Easter.






The Plankman Show 3-30-17

What a awesome show. Sorry for the delay but between the problems at The Russell and my day job I’ve been out for a while. Thanks to dan Mark for the idea for tonights show. Overseas Music. We played(If I remember correctly) Talvienkeli,X-Japan,Blister Brigade,Serpico,Return To Void,Selfmachine & Him just to name a few. Much thanks to the awesome record labels Inverse Records and Eclipse Records for providing such awesome music to play. If you’d like to check any of these bands out go to their FB pages or the record label page & order today. Thanks to Ted for coming in as always and providing balance to the show. Thank you guys for tuning in & being patient with us at Tapdetroit. We truly appreciate you listening.

Till next time,




The Plankman Show – Motown Edition

What a fun show. Thanks to Ted Eberly, Jamie Richardson & of course T Money Green for helping out with all the first hand stories about The Motown era. 1 of the most fun shows we’ve done to date. There will be a part 2.

Stay tuned.

Thanks for tuning in.




Special Guest – T Money Green

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