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DJ Dos Lopez – Red 80’s Mix featuring The Seatbealts

 We are Deeeeetroit Rockers.
Grammy Voting Member , Slap, reviews The Seatbelts:
Slap Reviews The Seatbelts: 10.29.2016 Halloween in Detroit???? sound scary to you citizens out there???? Rest assured, Detroit is still producing the hard rock that made it the place to be in the 60’s and 70’s. The Seatbelts are a fine example of the evolution of garage rock (which I am very familiar with, LOL!!!) and the post punk continuum. Here is a group that took me through a JOYRIDE of original tunes and some nice covers at the Northern Lights Lounge, deep in the heart of the motor city. I brought my brother David Slap (former drummer with DB Night) along for the ride. We were impressed with Greg Upshur, he was an outstanding front man and vocalist for the group. Backed by the solid rhythm section of Tony Bojani on drums and Skid Marx on bass, the group blew through the set and laid the hammer down!!!! The tunes that stood out to me were “Girl off the Street”, a catchy little rocker reminding me of early Stones and my work with the late John Angelos. Also bringing a smile to my face was “Workin’ the Line”, the lyrics were outstanding; humorous, yet very reflective of the frustrations of the working class. To top it all off, they finished with one of my favorites “Heroes”, which made me want to grab a mic and jump up on the stage!!!! I always support independent artists and you can also, you can get there music CD at…/…/B00EWTZZ3M/ref=sr_1_9… and if you are in the Michigan area, please do not miss this band of brothers.

DJ Dos Lopez – Trance Mix featuring Sweet Technique


DJ Dos Lopez – Feline Trap Mix


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DJ Dos Lopez – 2000’s Mix featuring Mushkilla



  1. What type of music?

I generally play house music.

  1. When did you first start?

I started around 4 years ago.

  1. Why did you decide to start it?

Honestly it was all by chance. I was first introduced to it from my cousin who used to DJ down in Bloomington, IL. It looked like a lot of fun. When I went back to school up at Ferris State, I was invited to a frat party and ended up controlling the music and “Djing” off of two YouTube pages. After that night the frat ended up inviting me as their Dj for the next party. At that time, I had no equipment and only had virtual dj. After seeing everyone smiling and enjoying the music that I was playing, I decided to invest more time into it. I bought my friend’s old gear and started to practice with it. That same year I met my mentor who later on helped me improve immensely.

  1. Are you a solo Artist of part of group?

I am a solo Artist.

  1. What name do you go by?

My stage name is Mushkilla.

  1. How did you come up with the name?

It was an old nickname that I had in the past. It is also an Arabic word which makes it a little more unique.

  1. Who do you like to collaborate with?

I honestly never thought about specific people. I would like to collaborate with everyone at some point. This way I can improve on my artistry by learning different techniques that are scattered throughout varies genres.

  1. Where do you play?

I mainly play at Elektricity.

  1. When are your upcoming shows?

My next show is Oct. 21st at Elektricity. It is for the Crankdat show and I will be performing on the patio.

DJ Dos Lopez featuring Doc Colony & Blair Emerson


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Links to some mixes that I have done with vinyl.

This was when I still had the dj fury moniker before I learned someone Famous had the name already from Denver.

I am not too much into photos of myself. I do have these available.

I spin just about every genre there is or anything that interests me. From house, to drum and bass, to jungle, to Baltimore club, to breakbeat, to new school funk, hip hop and more. If it’s funky I mess with it. I also play other people’s music. My page is here.

Blair Emerson is what I go by now. I have had entirely too many monikers that people have stolen or someone had. I have been in love with music since I was a child. I have been a solo artist and a collaborative artist in 2 x 4 deck hook ups as part of The Thrill Seekers and other efforts. I have played at the works, rave parties, gallery gatherings, play openings, house parties, festivals, store openings, bar nights, club nights, sports bars and more than I can remember.  This is a love affair that has been in my life for longer than I will say. I love vinyl and have tons, and I also do the digital arena as well. I can do both at the same time and have a lot of fun making loops then making remixes on the fly. I look forward to Wednesday and to the melting of faces that will occur.

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