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Infinite Detroit 11/28/16


Keeping the growth Infinite in the D, we have local musician, artist, activist, and community organizer Angela Hojnacki in the studio! From original music and a stellar on the spot performance, you get to experience the soulful dominance of the ukulele and a world premier! Just leaving North Dakota, where she spent her holidays, we were able to delve into the subject of the DAPL from a first hand freedom fighter for our water. Amazing show, if you missed it, check it out here, only on Infinite Detroit on! Support local!!!

Infinite Detroit 11/07/16


Amazing show today with the local icon Olin Ezra, owner and operator of, co-frontman of Shadow Strands, radio personality, and current solo artist. From the growth of the local music industry, the rise of internet radio, and pressures of live performances, to musician relations, advice on entrepreneurialism, and other hilarious banter, we covered it all. If you haven’t had a chance to hear it live, check it out here and get ready for a reality check! Shoutout to the local artists doing your damn thing, we appreciate you and your efforts. -Chedda Chedda Chedda @ Infinite Detroit, only on TapDetroit, internet radio made for you, Detroit!!

Infinite Detroit 10/24/16


Gourmet, intricately designed and made chocolates, what more can I say?! Bon Bon Bon, run by the wonderful and local sensation of small businesses, Alexandra Clark, has become a staple in Hamtramck and Detroit, exploding in the local delicacy scene and not looking back. Featured today were her truly enjoyable chocolatiers, Shannon, Margaret, and Katrina. From different processes of making chocolate to the many different types, it was truly an enlightening journey into small businesses, hard work, and the art to making chocolate that most wouldn’t expect.  Check it out right here and get ready for a wild ride and in depth interview with this astounding collection of woman with a purpose and true strength of character and work ethic. -Chedda Chedda Chedda @ Infinite Detroit

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