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Wheelz in Motion 08/25/16


Volcano Underground Radio 08/24/16

DJ Dos Lopez – Vibe Mix



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Medical Mondays 08/22/16

Big shout out to Bang Belushi, King Gordy, Foul Mouth, Jimbo Slice, Buddha and Wheelz Wheelz for stopping in for an awesome interview. Goto and download Bang Belushi and King Gordy’s new Project Herojuana produced By Foul Mouth!!! It was dope to sit down and be able to chop it up with these guys.

New Flyer Generic 82216

Infinite Detroit 08/22/16

5XL Radio 08/19/16


The Plankman Show 08/18/16

12743691_1229781190383809_5943398975839111151_nLast nights show we gave you the run down from Dirtfest, playedf some interviews with 6 Prong Paw & Crossing Rubicon & our EXCLUSIVE interview with a local legendary music fan & oh yeah someone was late! lol. Plus Olin & myself decided it was time to discuss how this yewar has been the roughest by far for both of us. Whatelse? Seems like I’m forgetting something? Or maybe “someone”? Special guest & bad ass chic & oh yeah shes my neighbor to Jamie has been filling in on the show & doing a terrific job. I guess sometimes the person you can count on is just accross the street. Oh, did I mention ALL the people that helped out with the show & Dirtfest for us? Guess you’ll have to hear whatever I said by downloading the podcast below. Big thanks to Scott from Crossing Rubicon, Nick & Seth from 6 Prong Paw & Dan Mark for stopping by & giving us some of their time at Dirtfest. Don’t forget to tell you’re friends about the show. Oh shit! I forgot we played Divided we Stand. Cool band. Check them out as well.

Thanks for tuning in &/or reading this.

Maybe next time Jamie can write this? LOL


P.S. #Volcano2016



Wayne County Deputies and Medical Marijuana in Detroit

Today at 5pm….  on Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station    call in 3134290801

A PSA from the Weed Warrior

weedleaf1If a team of Wayne County Deputies take your vehicle after leaving a Medical Marijuana compassion center, you are strongly recommended to fight the charges.  There is nothing illegal about visiting a Medical Marijuana facility in the City of Detroit, especially if you have a Medical Marijuana card. Pursuant to local rule, these facilities are recognized by the City of Detroit as a valid place of business under an ordinance that is in litigation by Detroit Dispensary owners. After a vehicle has been seized the victim is required to pay up to $2000 to get the car back and forfeit their right to sue.  In most cases charges are never brought against the victim and, the victim is scared into giving up the money and getting their car back. This issue is ongoing and currently being looked into by legal agencies and advocates and, we are appalled at the conduct of Wayne County Sheriff Deputies who have chosen to disregard the card and choosing to continue the 80 year drug war on weed as mandated by Harrry Anslinger, the first CEO of the Drug Enforcement Agency in 1929.

Meanwhile, you are strongly encouraged to get legal counsel and fight for the following:

  1. Return of Vehicle ASAP
  2. Refund of all collected “fines”
  3. Dismissal of all charges

Make sure to use your cell phone to document the harassment.

Also please obtain badge numbers and save all receipts.

In one case a car was returned when it was determined that the lady had valid reason for entering the establishment.

You want your vehicle and medicine returned at once.

Wheelz in Motion 08/18/16

Volcano Underground Radio 08/17/16

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