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Wheelz in Motion 07/21/16

Volcano Underground Radio 07/20/16

DJ Dos Lopez – Old Hip-Hop Mix featuring Jrea All Day



What type of music?
The type of music I create would generally be categorized in the genre of hip-hop but I personally would like to say that it belongs on a genre in itself as “electro-pop” because there a lot of electronic sounds but at the same time there is an organic feel with a lot of blues/jazz sounds that encompasses real drums, keys and guitar giving it a truly unique sound.
When did you first start?  
I have been writing poetry my entire life and about 3 years ago I got involved in the music scene by trying to incorporate my poetry over beats. My very first live performace was in Las Vegas opening up for John Legend along with elctro pop duo formally know as Flashclash. Ever since then I have been developing my own sound as well as working with a variety of artist rapping on their original tracks. 

Why did you decide to start it?
I decided to get more involved in music because I wanted to create more positive, uplifting music to the genre and be someone that young girls can look up. Today I feel as if the genre has lost a lot of its authenticity and realness. Instead of complaining about my dissatisfaction in the genre I decided to create music of my own and Viola! JRAE was born.

Are you a solo Artist or part of group?
I am a solo artist yes, but I don’t and can’t take credit for my entire endeavors. I work with a variety of very talented musicians who make it possible for me to bring life to my words. It takes awhile team of musicians, vocalist, producers, and engineers to make what I do possible.
What name do you go by?
How did you come up with the name?
 I am a painter as well and would sign my pieces with JRae because my first name is Jenny and my middle name is Rae so the only name that made sense to go by for my music was JRAE.
Who do you like to collaborate with?
I have collaborated with a few artists. I am currently collaborating with Detroit hip-hop Legend HUSH. I have recently collaborated with the Synth-pop band RAREWOLF and soul singing old school chid LIN-SAY. I have collaborated in the past with FLASHCLASH, JEROME JOYCE, PATO MOTOWN, ALEIGH SIMONE & ELIZABETH MCBRYDE. On my EP coming out I decided to remix songs by HOWARD JONES, MIAMI HORROR and SIXTO RODRIGUEZ 
Where do you play?
I play all around the Detroit area including our favorite spots like, grasshoppper, TV bar, New Dodge Lounge, Tires, The Crofoot, Scripps Park, The Russell Industrial Center, B1 Ballroom, The Rockery, Exodus, The Landshark (east lansing), as well as venues in Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Muskegon, and Houghton. I have also performed in Austin TX for SXSW. 

When are your upcoming shows?
My next upcoming show is July 28th at the Shelter (St. Andrews) Where I am coheadling with Hush for an amazing Hip Hop show. Olin Ezra, Dabberall and Hatchet will be making appearances as well. Doors are at 10:30. Tickets available at
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The Plankman Show #1

Tonights show we had Rawb from Psychostick to talk all things Psychostick & promote their new video which you can find on youtube or our fb page.

We played a lot of music cause its hot as hell in this studio.

We also debuted Read Em & Weeps new tune Bottoms up.

Anything you missed can be heard in the podcast below.

Thanks for tuning in.

Dont forget about DIRTFEST!






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Volcano Underground Radio 07/13/16

DJ Dos Lopez – Blank Dance Mix featuring Jon Fret Band


Our music type is Pop/Rock/ Dance
I started singing into combs and hot curling irons as a child in lack of any microphones to be found.
The group started after a loop pedal performance at Brobecue V in Port Huron, MI.
This project was started by myself, Jon Fret, and has since been enhanced and produced by my friends Joe Ciluffo and Andrew Dunaj.
Band Name: Jon Fret Music… (Wish I had a “and the” type of situation going on.
Jon Fret is a shortened version of my actual legal name which is Jonathan Michael Fretenborough… But who wants to try and pronounce that?
I like to collaborate with my musician friends. If I don’t know a musician well, It’s rather tough to know just what to play for them.
We have played in Port Huron, Detroit, and Ferndale thus far
Next shows is on July 15th in Port Huron for Boat Night called “Raven Cafe” It’s going to be massive. You won’t be able to get in. The next one after that will be in Yale, MI on July 21st as part of the “Concerts in the Park” series.

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