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Medical Mondays 09/26/16


Snowbunnie SunDaze 09/25/16


5XL Radio 09/23/16

Infinite Detroit 09/19/16

Detroit’s Back 09/22/16


Volcano Underground Radio 09/21/16

DJ Dos Lopez – Happy Techno Mix featuring Sentri

9-21-16Facebook page is

My webpage is
As for the type of music that I play, it spans many genres as I usually play game and anime remixes along with a few tracks from some of my favorites.  I first started DJing about a year ago, and am still trying to find a way to get my name out there honestly.  I’ve always loved games, and I love the music that comes with them, and that’s what got me started.  I have a few remixes of my own, but simply just play tracks and mixes for now.
I guess you could say that I really am kinda a one man show.  I can take my setup anywhere and don’t need any setup help at all.  Not that I wouldn’t mind collaborating.  I’ve never done a collaboration, but I think it would be cool.  As for where I play, I guess you could say at various michigan conventions, but I don’t play for the raves or anything.  so far, I’ve really only been background music for a few shoots and don’t really have a venue to call home, unless you count posting my mixes to youtube.
As for my name, Sentri, it has a few different origins behind it.  First off like I mentioned, like you, I am a cosplaying DJ.  One of my favorites is Team Fortress 2’s Engineer.  Seeing as this is one of my more recurring cosplays, I wanted something related to that.  There is also the factor that I can shift my voice to replicate that of the turrets from Portal.  so I thought, why not combine the two?  what is something in common between both the Engineer and Portal?  Sentry turrets.  So I had decided to go by that.  the reason for the spelling change is a variation of how I spell my real name (or rather nickname).  Since I end it with an ‘I’, I figured, why not do the same?  Thus the name Sentri was created.
As for shows, well, I try to post to my channel when I can, which that will also be expanding to let’s plays as well.  as for live shows, I don’t really have a ‘show’ per say, but you might see me playing around at MEGGAcon in Jackson (September 17,18), and Youmacon.


Snowbunnie Sundaze 09/18/16


5XL Radio 09/16/16


Firefighters in Michigan Benefit from Weed. Is Hemp Fuel Coming Soon?



Michigan Firefighters will benefit from Medical Marijuana when House Bill 4209 is signed into law (Page 56 – Lines 2-12). 30% of the proceeds from weed will fund the 1st Res-ponders Fund and Cancer Research on active and retired public servants. This is a tectonic shift in employment policy that will lower health care costs and provide better coverage.  This policy may force municipalities to enact green ordinances like requiring all public vehicles to use alternative fuel sources like industrial hemp grown in Michigan.  Industrial Hemp is already legal in Michigan and all it would take is an Ordinance presented to and passed by your City Council members to make this happen.



debrathomas2014At the State Level appointing a Judge to the Michigan Supreme Court who is understanding of the benefits of Marijuana and can expunge bad data is another first down for the cause.  Judge Debra Thomas is a candidate on the November 8th ballot and a vote for her would get the job done at the State Level.




Wit10301937_10206135196046355_3989047611197490932_nh Canada set to legalize Marijuana by April 20, 2017,  duty free cannabis products at the Ambassador Bridge will be as popular as the Epi-Pens hastening the need for a new Ambassador Bridge.  By the Governor’s signature, Marijuana is projected to create 10,000 jobs in Michigan with green industries and education.  Private and Public organizations are strongly encouraged to cease and desist using marijuana as a barrier to employment because of cost effectiveness. Furthermore, Treatment for PTSD with Marijuana is a legal and accepted practice in the State of Michigan.


Call in at 3134290801 and toke with co-host Legendary Bass Master Edward T-Money Green and, Olin Ezra every Friday from 5-7pm Eastern Time on Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station

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