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Detroit’s Back 09/03/15


Hard Edge Radio 09/03/15























Thursday September 3rd on Hard Edge Radio we talked to Victor Griffin from Pentagram and we had members of local hard rock band Outer Drive in the studio. Plus the usual entertainment news, ‘Merica segment, upcoming shows and more. Hard Edge Radio airs live every Thursday night from 8-10pm EST on

Wheelz in Motion 09/03/15


Volcano Underground Radio 09/02/15

DJ Dos Lopez featuring E.L. Chaotic


  1. What type of music?A: I make all types from tech to house and rap and putting in work for the hip hop culture
  2. When did you first start? I fist started at 8 but took it seriously at 15 because i Break dance too and make beats and comedy stand up
  3. Why did you decide to start it? Uhh for the music i wanted to contribute to a culture of my own and I love it on top of that
  4. Are you a solo Artist or part of group? Both I am in a number of set groups Triple Seven Renegade for instance and OLF and Chaotic Zombie but I also do my solo thing
  5. What name do you go by? E.L. Chaotic which has been my name since I was 13 which is EL upside down and also 73 the year bruce lee pass bless his soul
  6. How did you come up with the name? it just came to me i was in spanish and one of my uncs in hispanic and black anyway so why not hahaha
  7. Who do you like to collaborate with? a few of my bros and who can match the vibe and Chester watson I fucks with his music
  8. Where do you play?open mics wherever the crew might be performing it varies in this business when your doing majority of everything yourself with some help
  9. When are your upcoming shows? Downtown and in Midtown once I talk over with my people I will keep you posted with the fan page, soundcloud, twitter, insta G, and reverb nation

Detroit Riot 09/01/15


Midtown to Metro 08/31/15


Detroit’s Back with Arron Joseph Katz & Miss Snowbunnie

This upcoming Thursday Arron Joseph Katz will be joining Snowbunnie at Tap Detroit for Detroit’s Back. Get ready for special guest Paul Stepp from Diamond Cut Productions to bring a few artists with him from Electitiq Enterprises. J smith and Ms. To-To Wilson will be live after 10pm. This is a show you will want to tune in to for sure in order to find out what Snowbunnie has coming up in the near future and also what Paul Stepp has happening in the future. Paul is always making moves within the city. 11752436_10205334979962206_5664922515096099718_n

Snowbunnie will have other surprises that night that we dont even know about as of yet so you will have to just tune in to find out what they are…

You can submit your music to Snowbunnie through email at also inquire about interviews. Check out Snowbunnies sweets page at the following link

See what she’s been cooking… she talks about her sweets every night on Detroit’s Back so tune in to from 10pm til Midnight on Thursday nights.


Off Center Radio 08/30/15

Snowbunnie Sundaze 08/30/15


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