On Friday’s show we will discuss the state of the bud, mass shutting down of marijuana businesses in Detroit, and the impact of Canada’s effort to decriminalize our medicine.   As both countries move toward legalization, how will medical use be handled at ports of entry?  Will American and Canadian Marijuana patients be forced to petition the United Nations for relief?


On Friday April 20th,  the Weed Warrior will be a guest speaker along with Canadian colleagues to promote peace with pot at the Epic 420/421 festival in Windsor Canada.

Then he will come back to USA and finish celebrating  420.   To participate, a passport or enhanced drivers license is required for safe passage between events.



On the American side of the river, we have many businesses closing down when they don’t need to.  Tune in this Friday for instructions to remain operating and, what to do if your shop was improperly shut down.  You may be entitled to the return of your property. Make sure your customers are registered to vote this August.

See you at 5pm on Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station.

Hosted by Richard “Free The Weed” Clement

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