On Today’s show, we will discuss and identify the perpetrators of the lawsuit blocking the City of Detroit from accepting applications for Marijuana businesses.   Co-Host Edward T-Money Green will lay down the funk with music from his extensive catalog and musical guests from the industry.

Detroit City Council President Pro-Tempore Mary Sheffield District 5

If you want to start a Marijuana business in Detroit, call Mayor Duggan’s (313) 224-3400 office and, Detroit City Council at (313) 224-4505 and tell them;

Quit the insubordination by B SEED, because now is the time to Free The Weed!

Stop the co-conspiracy with slumlords, and people in the community who want to keep the myth going that your votes do not count unless we want them to.  This is bad for children because we are cheating them in Civics and, teaching them how to undermine democracy

Website: Detroit City Council  

Website: City of Detroit Medical Marijuana/Marihuana 


There is NO restraining order! Therefore, if you want a business in Detroit you must find a location in the city that is eligible under the new ordinance and, pay your $6000 fee to the State of Michigan with a copy of the New City ordinance.  Then have your legal staff get a letter from City Clerk Janice Winfrey approving of your location. If a letter is not received from the clerk, then you must go Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Robert Colombo and file a complaint under these two case numbers:

17-917320-CZ  and 17-017221-AW   your vote is being disrespected by these two plaintiffs..

Show Call in number is 3134290801

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