HUGE! HUGE! HUGE! Thanks to Wolf,Michael”Go Canadiens” Hopper & my personal favorite drummer/musician John Kay for an awesome time Sunday night. BIG thanks to Rob From Psychostick as well BOTH are playing Thursday May 14th. Psychostick at The Token & Power Trio at Simons. 2 AWESOME shows you don’t wanna miss. If I had to put in my vote for TnP show of the year…… This 1 is definetly a front runner. If you missed ANY of this show download our podcast. ALSO, Make sure you check out John Kay with Koffin Kats as they come to a town near you very soon. Hope you guys  enjoyed the show as much as Tiny & myself did….. Not sure Razlog did or not?lol

Seriously, These 3 guys are truly AWESOME dudes & in the “scene” there aren’t very many of them left.

Support local music. Support independent music.Support something you believe in.

Go out & live life to the fullest.

Thanks for tuning in,


This message brought to you by Reacharound Reinhardt.



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