Just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for tonights show. All of your love & support for myself,tiny & The Moss family has been overwhelming through this very tough time. Monday will be very hard I won’t lie but knowing that all of you are there to support us BEYOND the radio show really means the world. I want to thank SO many people that it would probably be rude to list names cause I would forget someone. If I’ve talked to you in the last few days you already know how much it has meant. Couple people I want to thank. Drew & Andrea Clark for coming in studio & hangin with us during a very difficult time. Drew even learned Shelly’s song & was going to play it acoustic for us but I had no idea. Also wanna thank Olin & Jonny G & Billy Lisk for always being supportive & keeping things postive. Don’t know what I’d do without them guys on a Sunday night. Thank Mike Parsons for calling in & chatting with us. There has been SO MUCH support during this time at Tapdetroit I cant thank everyone there enough. Tonights show was difficult to say the least & we need everyones help to make sure that Jack Richard grows up & knows how awesome his Mommy was. 1 of Shellys friends has started a fund for Jack Richard. Please if you can help donate whatever you can http://www.gofundme.com/3m0iv0. Its greatly appreciated. Jack Moss Jr,Erma Moss & Leo Gidea are going through a very difficult time. Any support they can get is truly appreciated. Tiny & myself will be at Shelly’s funeral tomorrow at Uht Funeral Home in Wayne on Glenwood & Elizabeth. If you want to send anything to the family you can @ http://www.uhtfuneralhome.com/obituaries/memorial.aspx?index=4133. Even just kind words are appreciated. Thank you all for tuning into our show tonight & again thanks for the support. It means a lot.



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