The return show. Kind of?lol

Scheduled to be our come back after about a month off but before the show started Tiny let me know he was going to be at the Hospital with his Mother. Also Some friends going through a rough time with their Mother’s in the hospital Jack Moss Jr & Drew Clark so any thoughts or well wishes you can send their way that would greatly be appreciated. The show started off great. I think the Russell ghosts were not happy with my month break. The first song I played cut off early. Then we start the show to have a strange caller from North Carolina looking for her baby Daddy. Welcome The show took a better turn when we got a chance to talk to Dave from A.D.D. who was literally at a show in South Bend,Indiana & stepped out to talk to us for a minute about their upcoming tour & NEW album CORE that debuts on March 24th. Really cool music I definetly found myself enjoying every song on this album. Even shared a little story with Dave about listening to the album to prepare for the interview. We also discussed the upcoming Documentary that will be about The Tiny & Plankman Show & local music. We played some 80’s tunes that were kind of for Tiny if he was able to listen tonight.

Thanks again to all of you who have supported us in the past month or so during a difficult time. You’re kind words,well wishes are not unnoticed.

Thanks a million.

Talk to you next Sunday



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