Sonic Gypsy TD1

Really, this is just a test blog while we’re still feeling our way round the site. I’ve no idea how this is going to look but there’s only one way to find out. Fuck it, let’s publish. What’s the worst that can happen?

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By Sonic Gypsy

The Sonic Gypsy (AKA Mickey Banks) is the son of a BSA riding, mountain climbing, boat building nuclear scientist and part time explorer. He was brought up in the mountains of northern England by the Irish Sea on motorcycles, snakebite, The Doors and John Lee Hooker ... Mickey was lead singer with groundbreaking major label rock band Scorpio Rising, signed by the legendary Seymour Stein to Sire Elektra and recording with Steve Osborne (Rolling Stones, U2), Paul Oakenfold and touring and playing many major festivals playing on the same stage as Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins and others ... 2020 ... Mickey (The “Sonic Gypsy") is back, and has released a limited edition album "Born A Rolling Stone" and is now working on an epic 22 track studio double album at Viva Recorders in London ... and presenting the Sonic Gypsy Radio Show on every Sunday: The Sonic Gypsy Radio Show:  The greatest Rock n Roll in all its fantastic forms in the history of the universe ... coming to you from the engine room of a rusty 63ft long canal boat "The Heart Of Gold" on the London waterways in England, the "dangerously friendly" Mickey (read the disclaimer) brings you rambling adventures from a 20th and 21st century life of crime, rock n roll, off grid boatlife as a canal boat delivery driver stories and random misadventures from the road with Scorpio Rising, Jimmy and The Destroyers and The Sonic Gypsy Band.. complete with guaranteed badly thought out philosophy, dangerous life advice and sometimes occasional incitement to revolution ... and most importantly shitloads brilliant Classic and Undiscovered Rock, Blues, Soul, Punk, Hip Hop, Stoner, Country, Garage, Psych, Metal ... from Electric Wizard, Napalm Death and Motorhead to Aretha Franklin and The Beastie Boys ..all the good stuff.. straight from the English Delta to you every Sunday @ 5-7pm GMT - 12-2pm EST DISCLAIMER: Warning: Sonic Boogie Woogie is Dangerous. By visiting this page and listening to The Sonic Gypsy Radio Show you immediately and irrevocably absolve The Sonic Gypsy from any blame whatsoever for any of the following: Accidental injury, physical, mental, metaphysical, financial, spiritual or otherwise, unwanted hallucinations, deviations from previous life plans, sudden invisibility, accidental death, uplanned time travel, damage to hearing or any other organic apparatus including limbs, loss of self esteem, loss of financial or social status, damage to fixtures and fittings or property (including lending him your boat, car, motorcycle, aircraft or any other mechanical or electrical device), splinters, bruises, dents, loss of faith, unexpected religious conversion, loss of sense of humour, visitations from the devil or any other non existent metaphysical entity, loss of dignity, clothes or job, or all three, or any other bizarre and unexpected change of perspective or perception or unplanned change in personal circumstances resulting from knowing him, hearing him play, listening to his advice, believing anything he says, buying him a drink, joining in any of his crazy schemes, lending him your identity, getting in a vehicle or any other form of transport with him, being his friend, encouraging him in any way, knowingly or unknowingly standing within 10 feet of him for more than 10 seconds for any reason or looking at him in a funny way, in ALL territories, universes, dimensions currently known to mankind, real AND imaginary, and inclusive of those yet to be discovered. Omnia Vincit Amor ... Ad Infinitum, Et Ultra ...