Holy crap we played a ton of music Thursday. Lets see If I can remember it all……

DC Drive, Y&T,The Loose Stools,Fall From Disgrace,Steel Panther,Through Our Eyes,Eva Under Fire,(Special surprise for Dan Mark) Crackjaw,Nakaruga, PLUS a ton of 80’s hair music which we figured we could mix in Saints Of Sin to end the show. Plus we had our friend CJ Plain call in & suggest some music that we ended up playing. Real cool band called Animal Drive. Check them out! Anything I forgot can be heard (because we all know I forget a lot!) by clicking on the player below. Oh! Yeah! The Tigers Opening day rain out! Yeah that mess! lol

Tune in next week where we have some HUGE NEWS straight from the PNN NEWS NETWORK! You will only get this information from us on Tapdetroit.com



Happy Easter to everyone.





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