This 1 was hard ain’t even gonna lie. Looking at the board you started on? Thinking of the laughs and jokes prior to a TNP show. All your encouragement to continue on after TNP. It was hard and just like I always did I fucked up right off the start. I went and edited it but just wasnt in the right mindset yet. We played your bands. Talked about you. Played bands you loved & got through the night together. So many what ifs man. What if I had said this or done this? I should have reacted out & seen where you were. How you were. But life distracts us from the people we care about. All I know is you touched SO MANY lives in such a short time that it blows my mind. So many cared about you. Its truly great to see the love & support for your family man.

Anyways, music played was Eva Under Fire,Volcano & The New Radio Standard,Battlecross,Shudder,6prongpaw & started off with Candlebox. Then we had to bust out new music from 1 of your bands Through Our Eyes!

Thanks for everybody that tuned in.

It wasn’t easy to do the show especially solo but Kelly would have busted my chops if I was like “Dude I ain’t doing a show man.” I know that.

You will not be forgotten sir!




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