Started off Celebrating My Ma’s 70th birthday by playing a couple tunes that were popular the year she was born. I had WAY MORE PLANNED for this but we had Rick Stafford from Ray Street Park in to talk about RSP & his new project Down River. Like always we get talking and time flys BUT WE do want to remind you to go to Road Rangers & Check out Down River & all the cool items to raffle off to help KEEP ROAD RANGERS ALIVE! We also played music from RSP,Underland,Void Vator & a new song from a new band called MYLANE from Italy. Really cool. Check them out. My apologies for some sound quality issues we will have this corrected next week for sure. Thanks to all that watched on YouTube and any that listened LIVE.

BIG thanks to RICK for coming in & making the show fun. GOOD LUCK with the RSP documentary.








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