Last night was quite the show. First off I poured my guts out to the listening audience. THEN we had some fun with some local music from Harlow,Shotgun Soul,Mindcandy,Fall From Disgrace,The Tiddies,New Day Revolution,Underland,Magnanomus,6 Prong Paw,# Phase, 34 Bliss & a ton more. We were also joined by the 1 & only Volcano himself. Pretty awesome show. If you missed it click the player below & hear what Dan Mark calls “The #1 show in metro Detroit on Thursday nights on Tapdetroit at 8pm.”. Man thats specific Dan! lol

Thank you guys so much for tuning in & hang with the old guy thru all this craziness I call life.

I truly do appreciate each & every one of you.

See ya Thursday March 29th at the ballpark for the baseball game……. I mean PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!







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