Odd and Ace are back, finally after two weeks of problems.

This week Odd is frustrated with the state of Michigan and their total lack of functionality for state systems. The boys talk about Godzilla V Kong briefly, as well as Odd buying a chainsaw. Riveting stuff!

The title of the show comes from the newest piece of merch up on The Little Shop of OdditiesGet yours today, the design goes up in smoke on 4-20-2021!

Our Featured Artist for the month of April is Hook, a new wave rock band from Dublin, Ireland. Their sound fuses new wave with punk and grunge. They just released Best Days, a brand new single. The song features Hook’s signature 80’s new wave rock sound. With a simple guitar line and more active bass that pops out between chords, the drums are simple and almost drum-machine like. Hook wanted to capture a sense of nervousness and foreboding. The song features harmonics, distorted sounds, panned elements, representing what’s going on is in the narrator’s head and what they are feeling. Things are confusing and unclear and their mind is clouded.

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