This episode marks the 1st interview we’ve conducted. You’ll get a taste of it towards the end of this Fun Size version.
James Harrison is a Canadian based Magician and Professional Pickpocket. He’s appeared on Modern Rogue, spoke at both hacker and security based conferences and has taken social media by storm with his tiktok channel. He also thanks to covid got into streaming and can be found a handful of nights a week playing Dead By Daylight with friends. He is a funny, charismatic and sweet guy. We hope you’ll love him and his work as much as we do.
Our Featured Artist this month is Robert Louis Jr., Bob is an Americana style artist that mixes folks, country and a little bit of hippy wisdom with a splash of Rock n Roll attitude. He’s bee a great friend of Odd’s for many years. So all month you’ll be hearing songs from both his albums.
We’ve also restructured our Patreon, we know times are tough all over and felt we needed to adjust the tiers to be friendlier to wallets. We also added a new tier called Oops…All Interviews. It’s $2 dollars a month and you’ll get a shout out and all the interviews…unchained from the 3 hour broadcast.
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