All of the music in this episode was created and played under the fair use and creative commons act.

Odd found a website called The Magic Ipod, which at the time of writing seems to be shutdown now. It allowed you to use scripting to easily mash two songs together. So everything you hear beyond Ms. Carmel Liburdi was created by Odd…and that website.

Ace and Cory are in studio with Odd and his wonderful new setup. It works fairly flawlessly, until the internet at the studio goes a little haywire. Fortunately for you beautiful people, you don’t have to worry about that.

We answer the Question of the Week, Odd shares where graham crackers come from and the crew talks about all the weird and funny things from the week that happened. Great music, good laughs and so much more await in this episode of The Odd Podd

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By Odd Man