Listen to the show for the title to make sense…

In this episode Ace and Odd converse about Odd’s week and promote multiple small businesses. Odd has always had a love for the little guy in the economic battlefield, he’s made it his mission during this 2nd round of collective “time-outs” to push his small business friends. Some are even given discounts just for listening! Please make sure you check out the links posted for all the businesses mentioned. Some are local businesses to Odd’s area in SE Michigan. Others have websites that you can order from and receive no matter where you live.

The Featured Artist is Liliac and we talk a little about their newest release Queen of Hearts.

None of the endorsements are paid promotions. Odd simply believe in these businesses and wants to do his part to get them attention and maybe some business.

Businesses mentioned

Big League Brews


Motor City Candleworks

Carmel Liburdi

Tom Smith Music

S.W. Raine

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By Odd Man