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The Plankman Show

The Plankman Show 8-11-2022

In case you missed the show here's what you missed. We played NEW MUSIC from Gears & Bring Me The Horizon. We also played Anaka,Forest Wade, Ray Street Park, Through Our Eyes, Ascend The Hollow, Royal Bliss & Quickstrike. Anything I forgot to mention can be heard by clicking the player below. Thanks for tuning in & catch us every Thursday night at 8pm here on tapdetroit.com Plankey     […]

todayAugust 21, 2022 29

The Plankman Show

The Plankman Show 8-4-2022

We had a HELL of a show lined up for you LIVE then our server crashed so here's the podcast. We played music from 6 Prong Paw,5th Wall Concept,Adakain,Krilloan,Psychostick,Amerakin Overdose,Science Of Disorder,Raven Black,Volcano & Critical Bill. We talked about Volcano getting his own Bobblehead & even a Fathead & I even came up with the website. Listen to the show & hear what couldn't be aired LIVE yesterday. Thanks for […]

todayAugust 5, 2022 21

The Plankman Show

The Plankman Show 7-28-2022

Thursday's show was EPIC! We had Brad & John from "Brainfog Sessions" in studio LIVE without a net. We played music from UNDERLAND, Pick Axe Preacher's, Dream Theater, Immortal Guardian's & Murder FM. Anything I forgot can be heard by clicking the player below. I apologize for late post. Had some technical issues BUT none to worry ODD is on the tapdetroit.com reboot 2022 & doing a fantastic job.   […]

todayAugust 4, 2022 44


The Plankman Show 4-21-2022

Last Thursdays show we had NEW music from Skyliner,Worldwide Panic,Arctic Rose, The Warning,Empiires,Kings Of Other Wings,Through Our Eyes and of course we played my personal favorite right now Belling The Tiger. Also played Heriot & Saints of sin our friends from across the pond. If I forgot anything well it can be heard in the podcast by clicking the player below. Thanks for tuning in & continue to send all […]

todayApril 24, 2022 36


The Plankman Show 2-10-2022

We played music from Koyl,Ray Street Park,Underland,Aboleth,Through Our Eyes,Eva Under Fire,Wayland,Royal Bliss,We're No Gentlemen. We also had special guest in studio Chris Cannon so we discussed a lot about the local music scene in Detroit & some old bands from the downriver area. It was fun going down memory lane. Also discussed that Chris & Brad may start a new podcast on Tapdetroit.com. Stay tuned for that. Anything I may […]

todayFebruary 11, 2022 49


The Plankman Show 8-26-21

Thursday nights show was filled with all kinds of stuff going on in our World. First we acknowledged Charlie Watts passing. Then we got into Detroit City Hall being raided by The FBI. Yeah Detroit's turning around right? Lastly we ended on the most STUPID topic of the week The Idiot Baby from Nirvana's Nevermind album cover Suing the estate for money. Ted was outraged! If you missed that or […]

todayAugust 27, 2021 39


The Plankman Show 7-22-21

Thursdays show we played music from VOID VATOR,City of The Weak,Rage Of Light,Ascend The Hollow,Cirex featuring Hail Sagan,Griffin Tucker & NEW MUSIC from Gears,TYGER, Last Call In Jonestown & we made good on our promise for NEW Divided Island. We played them twice. So if you missed anything from the big show you can hear it by clicking the link below. Thanks for listening. Plankey        

todayJuly 24, 2021 23

The Plankman Show

The Plankman Show 11-12-2020 PROG MUSIC SPECIAL

This was a fun show for me. I love prog music so I got to play a lot of really cool music that I already had & that Jon from Asher Media sent us. Here's the list. Fractal Cypher,Pantommind,Talvienkeli,Sleep In Heads,Scardust,The Reticent,Red Cain, Earths Yellow Sun,Every Hour Kills,Illuminated Minerva,Arcana & Of course our FEATURED ARTIST & the reason I did the whole PROG show MOTION DEVICE. Click on their name […]

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