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Welcome to the Cult Of Odd, a wild ride through the internet and mind of Detroit’s own Odd Man. Odd has been broadcasting live for over 15 years. He’s a crazy and thought provoking (that’s not all he provokes) creative type of guy. The show really is like a info dump of things rolling around Odd’s mind each week. He’s joined by a cast of colorful characters. His rotating cohosts include but are not limited to his long time friends Ace and Cory, along with his wife Ollie occasionally and their newest convert to the cult…Jad The Taff!

The Cult Of Odd plays a ton of independent music and also has a few independent businesses that sponsor his show. Cult Of Odd is a college party packed into 3 hours and broadcast live via TapDetroit every Friday night at 8pm EST. He usually goes to 11pm, but he has been known to run longer if the mood strikes him. You can also participate via our TapDetroit Chat Room

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    Philadelphia (SoundCloud)

    Lester Pot

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      Philadelphia (SoundCloud) Lester Pot

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    Noise Room

    Sebastian Lume

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      Noise Room Sebastian Lume

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    Oxygen view (Youtube)

    Miss Angel

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      Oxygen view (Youtube) Miss Angel

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