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Predators Welcome, To Harassment Park

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Predators Welcome, To Harassment Park

In the last 10 years (more so if you’ve really been paying attention), we’ve seen a whole slew of stories about #metoo and the predators lurking in Hollywood. From Kevin Spacey to Harvey Weinstein and then Jeffrey Epstein. Yes it’s said that Hollywood is filled with creepy old men trying to use their money, power and influence to coerce young and naïve talent into compromising actions/positions. They hold the careers of young actresses and actors over their heads like the Sword Of Damocles waiting to drop if they don’t “consent” to the whims of the old guard.


The Industry Allows Predators

We’ve heard about the damaging effect Hollywood has on child actors since the 80’s, actors like Macaulay Culkin, Corey Haim, Corey Feldman and many more have been talking about drugs, mental illness and predators in Hollywood. Yet, nobody was listening. Corey Feldman especially has been very vocal about the predators in sheep’s clothing. He’s stated numerous times that he wished he could name names, but fears legal, financial and physical repercussions from those he names. He really got boisterous after the death of his long time friend and co-star Corey Haim. Haim battled addiction, like many child stars from that time. Feldman believed it stemmed from the mental issues brought about by the action predators and pedophiles within the entertainment industry, his own battles with addiction and depression gave him a keen insight into his bestfriend Haim’s downfall despite trying many times to help.

Hollywood seems to want to hide and cover up the actions of these high profile predators, rather than bring them to justice for the crimes they’ve committed. You know, studios can’t lose their sacred cash cows after all.  They rely on claims of hearsay and fabrication to keep the blame shifting to those speaking out. Painting the accusers as crazy and needing serious help. Essentially gaslighting them, ruining their careers and pushing them out of the industry via blackballing or just outright shunning them from auditions/parts.


Predators Harassment Park image
Predators uh…. find a way


Ancient Predators Still Roaming Today

The point of this article isn’t to drudge up the past. Unfortunately though, these kinds of actions aren’t relegated to the past. They still take place to this day, take Millie Bobby Brown for example. This past February, MBB turned 18 and has said she’s already seen a “gross” shift in the comments from supposed fans on her social media pages. I follow MBB, I think she is a fantastic young actress. I believe that she may become one of our future “classic” actresses. I personally have seen the comments on her photos of men stating “I can’t wait till you’re older” and “oh if you were only 18”. We hear it from our social circles too at times. It’s a gross over sexualization of children, how anyone can look at a child actor and see anything beyond a young talent is beyond me. I call the shit out when I see it. I feel they should be shamed publicly for their comments and lecherous behavior.


Silence Is Consent of Predators And Their Behavior

Recently I had commented on a post about such things. I found out first hand that it’s not just the entertainment industry working over-time to keep detractors silent. Facebook handed down a warning to me, all because I called a spade a spade and possibly made someone feel inferior. Here’s the comment I left on a post about MBB experiences since turning 18.

Men are gross af, we live in an age where this perversity is social acceptable. From celebrities to ever day people. We hyper sexualize everything in our society and think nothing of comments made about “when they turn 18”. It’s gross and needs to be addressed. MBB is a talented young actress and doesn’t deserve comments and leering simply because she is a woman and now “of age”. We as society need to do better. I am often embarrassed to be a member of the male sex because of my fellow members of my gender. I call it out when my male friends make similar comments. Stop being gross a-holes and evolve beyond puberty ridden hormone driven thoughts.
It was labeled as Hate Speech and qualified as making one gender/race/ethnicity feel inferior. Yep, you read that right. I called out men for being gross assholes and social media said “ah ah ah” and pushed my group posts lower for 60 days. Which by the way, has not seemed to really effect me in any measurable way. I have seen this on other platforms too though, Twitter, Instagram and others, all of them protect the feelings of certain subsect of humanity that don’t deserve protections. I am honestly surprised that TikTok hasn’t hammered me for the one video I have up. It at time of writing has 11.4k Views and it is about how Incels are not involuntarily celibate in my opinion. To me, they have voluntarily adopted both social and political views that have deemed them unfuckable. You don’t get to be a gross pervert and expect society to embrace you.

Predators Of Both Genders

Admittedly though, this piece has been pretty hard on men. So lets point out the women who exhibit predatory behavior as well. Because it’s not just the physical touching of childhood genitalia that makes predators. Nope, verbal and emotional abuse qualify too. Here comes Depp v. Heard to show… Yes Virginia, men can be abused too. Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are currently battling it out in court over a defamation lawsuit. The lawsuit was brought by Mr. Depp against his ex-wife Amber Heard, a while back Heard claimed that Depp was abusive and drunk all the time. It’s what ended their relationship and unfortunately Depp’s career for right now. Depp alleges that Heard’s claims were false and it effected his ability to work and earn. This is true, at least the part about effecting his ability to work and earn. Depp was dropped by almost all brands and studio projects. He was even replaced in the newest Fantastic Beasts movie.

I have been staying on top of the trial coverage via TikTok videos and news articles. Hearing the audio of Heard openly admitting she attacked Depp for zero reason, other than she lost her temper and control is sickening. Watching her face devoid of emotion or remorse, to the point of even seeing her smirk during certain clips. I just can’t imagine sitting there being proud of yourself for hurting another human being. Especially one you’re supposed to be in love with. She tried to ruin the man’s career, worse yet is that she seems to (for now) be keeping her career. As the trial is still underway, it’ll be a few days or even weeks before we know the outcome if we ever do. I suspect there may come a settlement before she’s found guilty, because most of the evidence has been pretty damning against Heard.


Stop Sign
Predators can be stopped, but only by people like you and me.

How To Stop Predators

As usual, I like to try to provide some insight or tips in how to combat whatever issues I am writing about. These are not fool proof suggestions and still can leave room for folks to get hurt unfortunately. But, if you see something that sits with you wrong…SAY SOMETHING! Seriously, we can be the court of accountability. If you see gross comments, call them out for what they are. If you hear abusive behavior, don’t sit idle and not speak up against it. Everyone seems to have this “It’s not my problem or any of my business” mindset and that’s what got us to where we are as a society. In many arenas.

You can be the front line in stopping predators both online and in the wild. Don’t let someone else get hurt, just because you don’t have a dog in the fight. Remember that it could very well be your own loved ones in the cross hairs of harassment and harm. Would you want someone to ignore your loved ones or would you want someone to step up and save them? It’s time we take back our society from the greed, corruption and villainy that has seized control over the decades. We are still in the early phase of the 21st century, let’s work together to ensure by it’s end, that we’ve weeded out the harmful elements to make future generations safer all around.


If you know of or suspect a child being harmed. Contact the CyberTipline and file an anonymous report.
If you or someone you know is the victim of spousal abuse or domestic violence, contact the Domestic Violence Support site.

Written by: Odd Man

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