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Cult Of Odd

Present by Odd Man

Welcome to the Cult Of Odd, a wild ride through the internet and mind of Detroit's own Odd Man. Odd has been broadcasting live for over 15 years. He's a crazy and thought provoking (that's not all he provokes) creative type of guy. The show really is like a info dump of things rolling around Odd's mind each week. He's joined by a cast of colorful characters. His rotating cohosts […]

Cory is a fan of Anime but doesn’t read mangas, he’s a procrastinator at heart but can be extroverted when it counts. When he’s not on his phone he can have a decent conversation assuming it peeks his interest a little bit, built his first gaming computer in 2005 and that started a fire in his heart for competitive gaming.


My Favourite Quote

“Negative I am a meat popsicle” ~ Corbin Dallas

Despite having had over 30 jobs, he believes operating a hi lo might be his passion in terms of career. He wants to be more independent but lacks the foresight of normal human beings probably due to lack of medication.

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